[Development Newsletter] Late January 2020 Update

■[PST] 2/4/2020 2:00
 [CET] 2/4/2020 11:00
Hello pilots! This is Kanbe, the Development Director.
This is the 3rd development newsletter in 2020.
As major updates regarding maps were announced in the previous development newsletter, the content that I’m about to share might seem less exciting in comparison, but I will share some information regarding other changes and thoughts for this month’s update.
■Modifications to Pilot Rating
I will start by talking about the modifications we have made to “Rating”, the representation of a pilot’s skills.
One of the recent improvements related to Rating,
“Battle scores deviation value” was introduced in last October’s update where the overall individual ranking of one battle was calculated based on the deviation scores.
As a result, not only the win/loss result of each battle, but also your performance in battle is reflected in the overall individual ranking.
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Next we made some revisions on the rival selection method in December, in which the ace of one team is always appointed as the rival of the opposing team’s ace in an Ace Match.
However, in a Mix-Up Match, individual battle scores are compared to an opponent who plays similar role in the team by appointing units with similar cost zones as each other’s rival.
(Selection priority is determined by the unit with the closest rating in the same category.)
In both cases, I think the accuracy has been improved in terms of comparing individual performance with an opponent who plays a similar role in the team compared to the previous evaluation criteria.
In light of the above improvements, we will make further adjustments to the system for determining the win/loss of the “vs rival” title, which affects a pilot’s Rating.
■Modifications to [vs rival] Award Conditions
The modification is simple.
■Previous [vs rival] Award Conditions
Previously, the result was determined by comparing each individual score between rivals, and the winner for the [vs rival] title was determined by the total number of wins.
■New [vs rival] Award Conditions
Win/Loss is now determined by comparing rivals’ total individual scores (= sum of individual scores deviation value), and the one with the higher total score wins the [vs rival] title.
The comparisons of individual performance have increased in terms of accuracy by awarding the [vs rival] title based on the total individual score, which better takes pilot performance into account.
The change in pilot Rating by win/loss will fluctuate depending on the difference in the total score.
Winning with a large gap in total score will result in a higher increase in rating rather than winning with a small gap.
The range of fluctuation is adjusted to be roughly the same as the previous [vs rival] fluctuation.
■Additional Info Regarding [vs rival]
As comments, thoughts, and questions regarding whether pilot Rating fluctuates as a result of comparing rivals are frequently brought up, we would like to once again share our thoughts and intentions as developers.
Battle Operation 2 is a game where team play is the most important aspect of the game. Therefore, instead of just individual performance, team members’ skills and teamwork are important in order to win.
This aspect of which your team members are the major contributors, is an aspect that you cannot control by yourself.
If there were no fluctuations as a result of individual performance, it would take an even longer time to form a team before the sortie. Moreover, it would become an environment where your rate would drop by the same degree whether you placed 1st or 12th in the overall individual ranking.
Even though this is a game that focuses on team play, instead of completely ignoring individual performance and simply rating with 0 and 1, we are trying to achieve a balance between team performance having a major impact on pilot Rating and individual performance only having a minor impact. At this moment, we are not considering removing the rival function due to the way the rating system works in Battle Operation 2.
However, we will keep making improvements to better reflect a pilot’s skill in the rating. Thank you for your continued support.
■Addition of Title’s Logo to MS Acquisition Screen
This is a visual update.
Not only those who are already fond of Gundam, but also people who have never seen an episode of Gundam are playing Battle Operation 2.
By getting to know various Gundam titles, I think players will find some units even more appealing, so we decided to put the title’s logo on the Mobile Suit acquisition screen.
…not only is this a useful guide, but I think it looks a little cooler with the logo!
■Starting the Year with Renewed Effort!
It has been one year and six months since the release of Battle Operation 2 and every day has seen many, many players battling it out.
Thank you very much!
On the other hand, it is a fact that some people have downloaded the game but are not logging in anymore. Therefore, in order to once again increase the hype and entice them back, I think it is necessary to make the game even more interesting with future updates!
We have been conducting campaigns for new recruits and returning soldiers several times over major milestones to invite them to play Battle Operation 2. But as a fresh start with a renewed effort, we will hold regular events every month starting from February!
The details of the campaign was announced on Thursday (1/30). Please find more details HERE.
■In Closing
Along with the map improvements, the changes that I just introduced will be included in the update file was released on Thursday (1/30).
Various information was released as well, so please check the official information portals for more details.
In addition, a new expansion with playable contents never seen in Battle Operation is also under preparation and scheduled for release in spring!
We will continue running in 2020, so please continue playing Battle Operation 2!
– Development Director, Kanbe