• *Sony Entertainment Network account and internet connection are necessary for using this service.
  • *You are responsible for all the internet connection fees charged for using this service.

If you are having connectivity problems

  • (1) Reboot the PS5 and PS4 consoles, connection devices (routers and modems), wait a few minutes, then try reconnecting.
  • Turn off the router and modem your PS5 and PS4 connects to, then turn on the modem, followed by the router.
    On your PS5, select [Control Center] > [Power] > [Turn Off PS5]. After the console's power indicator turns off, turn the console on again.
    On your PS4, select [Power] > [Power Options] > [Turn Off PS4]. After the console's power indicator turns off, turn the console on again.
  • (2) Test your internet connection through PS5 and PS4
  • Check that all tests are successful, and that your NAT type is 1 or 2.
    -Test Internet Connection
  • ※A NAT type of 3 may make it difficult to find matches.
  • (3) Contact your service provider
  • Talk to your service provider about the following possibilities:
  • -Connection difficulties due to high-traffic times of day
    -Provider security services that can affect PS5 and PS4 connectivity
  • (4) Check for PSN issues/maintenance
  • Check the following page on Sony Interactive Entertainment's
    website to check PSN's network service status.
  • -PSN Network Service Status
  • Note: Connectivity issues may occur outside the notice period.
  • (5) Try switching to a wired connection
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) connections may be affected by other devices. Try switching to a wired connection to avoid this issue.
  • (6) Change port settings and update firmware
  • Check the link below for instructions on how to open ports for PSN.
  • -Disconnections from PSN
  • Note: For instructions on updating connection device firmware, check with the manufacturer.
  • (7) Reinstall the game
  • Reinstalling the game may fix issues with the game files themselves.
  • Note: Save data for this game is saved online.
    Deleting a local game data on your PS5 and PS4 won't delete your save data.