[Development Newsletter] Regarding update in late January on map related contents

■[PST] 2/3/2020 1:30
 [CET] 2/3/2020 10:30
■Homepage image data update notice
We made an adjustment to Carry’s hand as there is a mistake in the number of fingers.
* Please click HERE for details of the updated image.
Personally, there is a time when I thought, “It has been 15 years since I started drawing illustrations both in my daily life and at work. Normally you won’t make errors like mistaking the number of fingers, you should’ve notice when you are painting”.
Well… “It’s been really busy, and I drew in between, or there is no time and my head was heating up”, whatever the excuses, I think they won’t make any difference. No matter how hard you try… it will remain somewhere… in the concrete jungle of the modern internet society…
Moreover, getting the final blow when Mr. Kanbe reported it during the New Year’s company morning assembly. It was such a wild ride.
Going straight to the main topic, we will share with you map related information scheduled for late January update! This time, we made some map adjustments and added some map gimmicks.
Adjustments on Mountain
First of all, “Mountain” is a map that had undergone several adjustments in the past, but even now, we still find some poor balance in the play area, as well as the win/lose rate.
In the play area, there is an area where battles tend to stagnate between an arch, and it is stressful to play.
Regarding the balance of win/lose rate, A side has 52.0% of winning rate, while B side has 48% in the past 60 days. It is assumed that the reason for the higher winning rate of A side is due to the difficulty of B side in reaching relay point C.
This time, we will make adjustments by focusing on those two things.
■The whole tunnel is expanded to countermeasure the problem of being sandwiched between the arch.
With the tunnel being widened, you can now proceed without being blocked. (it is now possible to line up 3 units side by side)
The widened tunnel and increased height allow an easier aim towards A side’s hill or B side’s support unit’s shooting point.
It is assumed that stalemate on the battlefield will be eased as it is easier to check on support units or backing up allies while proceeding forward.
■Regarding the advancement from B side to relay point C, undulations are added to intercept lines of fire.
Furthermore, even when passing the field, it is hard to be staggered by blasts due to the undulations.
In addition, a point where you can aim while hiding against A side’s hill has been added.
By making a diversion on A side’s hill when passing relay point C, you can support your allies to break through.
This time, adjustments are only made between relay point B and C, but we will carefully examine the data between relay point A and C after the implementation of this update.
Implementation of a map gimmick on Dark Space
We would like to increase the play style with a changing battlefield as time passes…
It has been on our list of consideration since the first generation of battle operation.
This time, we made an adjustment to the map so that play style differs from the start of the game to the end, by adding moving large debris in the map.
First is when the game starts.
As we want to keep “Dark Space” as an open area, which is the characteristic that differentiates itself from other space maps, we set the debris to move from outside the battle area at the start of the game. (No big changes as of this point)
Next is when the game is nearing its end.
Over time, moving debris will enter the battle area and obstacles will gradually increase.
When you notice, suddenly you realized that there are more spots to take cover!
During the final stage of the battlefield, it will be easier to engage support units, and all raid/general/support units will need to change their course around, so please enjoy the change.
Implementation of “Port Base (Sunrise)”
Similar to “Dark Space”, we add a changing play style map called the “Port Base (Sunrise)” where the battlefield changes over time.
This will be the first variation of Battle Operation 2 map, a different map from the usual “Port Base.” (You can still play on the existing “Port Base” map)
In Battle Operation 2, we plan to further differentiate not only the appearance of future map variations, but also by changing the play style in some way, while still keeping the original map!
“This is what it looks like when getting up early”. We start from the overall appearance.
Don’t you think that the sunrise and the sea are beautiful?
As for the changing play style, HLV will fly off at “Port Base (Sunrise)” as time progresses.
At the start of the game, the HLV is on standby just like before. But over time, it will fly off and the battlefield will change slightly from the regular “Port Base.”
When the HLV is taking off, the smoke will hinder you vision, making it hard to see the surroundings. After it took off, visibility around relay point C will be much better, so please enjoy the changing play style.
When playing in custom match, the method to select a map variation is a bit unique. Please select “Port Base” then press □ button to switch between the regular “Port Base” and “Port Base (Sunrise).”
In addition, “Port Base (Sunrise)” is also available in Rating Match and Quick Match, so rest assured.
■To Conclude
That would be all for this time.
In the next development newsletter from Mr. Kanbe, we will share details on other implementations. Please look forward to it.
– Development Assistant Director Funatani