Application Data Update ver.0156

■[PDT] 06/29/2022 22:00
■[CET] 06/30/2022 06:00
■Notice of “Series’ 10th Anniversary Celebration Campaign” Start
As 10th Year Anniversary of “Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation” Series,
“Series’ 10th Anniversary Celebration Campaign” will begin!
■Campaign Period
[PDT] 06/29/2022 22:00 ~ 07/27/2022 21:59/
[CET] 06/30/2022 06:00 ~ 07/28/2022 05:59 [Scheduled]
※Regarding the details of the campaign, click here.

■Update Contents
■Unit Adjustment
Adjustment of Various Parameters is implemented. ※For Details, click here.
◎Report on the result of the previous adjustments from 05/26/2022[JST] is added.  ※For Details, click here.
■Base Camp
  • ◎Notification Mark is added to some of the facilities within the base camp
  • ⇒ Notification mark is implemented to some facility icons, when there are items that can be interacted by the player, such as receiving rewards or having an empty hangar for enhancement.
  • ・Training Instructor: When unaccomplished Training Remains
  • ・Hangar: IF there is an empty spot by the Hangar, or a MS with completed enhancement
  • ・Reward Center: When there is an unreceived reward
  • ◎Use conditions of some of the messages of “Chat Function” is updated
  • ⇒ In order to improve the communication within the battles, some of the messages of “Chat Function” are updated as below.
    ※Regarding the update, be sure to check Developer Newsletter.
  • ■Affected Messages
    ・We’ll win next time!
    ・That was fun!
    ・Good work!
    ・A fine battle!
    ・See you around!
    ・Let’s go again!
    ・So Close!
    ・We’ve got next one!
    ・We did it!
  • ■Use Conditions
    Pre-Change: Useable whenever during a battle
    Post-Change: Can be used just before or after the end of a battle
  • ※Affected messages are displayed in yellow by “H.A.R.O.>Options>Chat Settings”.
■Application Data Update
■Supply Drop Lineup has been updated
※For the details about the updated Lineup, click here.
■”Series 10th Anniversary” Guaranteed Sinanju STEP UP Supply Drop
※Regarding the details of STEP UP Supply Drop, click here.
■July 2022 Premium Login Bonus
※Regarding the July 2022 Premium Login Bonus, click here.
■New Materials for exchange are added to Recycle Counter
⇒ Information about newly added materials
  • ■Unit
  • ★★★Gelgoog Vertex LV1 ~ 2 is added!
  • ★★★Hamma-Hamma LV3 is added!
  • ★★Hyaku Shiki LV4 is added!
  • ※The materials mentioned above will be available at Recycle Counter for 2 days, from [PDT] 06/29/2022 ~ 06/30/2022 / [CET] 06/30/2022 ~ 07/01/2022.
■Materials for exchange have been added to the DP Exchange Counter
⇒ Information about newly added materials
  • ■Unit
  • ★★★Zeta Plus C1 LV1 ~ 2 is added!
  • ★★Guncannon Heavy Type D LV3 is added!
  • ★★Gundam Pixy LV5 is added!
  • ★★Slave Wraith LV3 is added!
■Some materials have been excluded from the Supply Drop Lineup
※For Details, click here.
■Ranked Match/Quick Match Game Modes are updated
※There may be differences about the game mode with the information above, which were introduced during the previous update regarding [Possible Game Modes].

■Weekly Weekend Battle Schedule
Weekend Battle Schedule Special rules
[PDT] 06/30/2022 12:00 ~ 07/01/2022 11:59 / [CET] 06/30/2022 20:00 ~ 07/01/2022 19:59 “Mix-Up”, “Simple Battle”, “Shuffle Target”, “Brawl Match” will be held every two hours.
[PDT] 07/01/2022 12:00 ~ 07/02/2022 11:59 / [CET] 07/01/2022 20:00 ~ 07/02/2022 19:59
[PDT] 07/02/2022 12:00 ~ 07/03/2022 11:59 / [CET] 07/02/2022 20:00 ~ 07/03/2022 19:59
■Next Clan Match Schedule
Please refer, here for the next Clan Match schedule and reward collection period.
For an overview of the Clan Match, please refer here.
■Clan Match Reward MS Update!
Starting with the Clan Match of July 2022, Clan Match Reward MS will be updated.
■New MS
・★★ Zaku Mariner (Support Unit, Ground Use Only, Cost 400)
  • ■Mobile Suit Features
  • ・Support Unit with Cost of 400.
  • ・An amphibious mobile suit produced by improving on the Zaku Marine Type used by the Earth Federation Forces, after they requisitioned units from the Principality of Zeon following the end of the One Year War.
  • ・Equipped live fire weapons such sub-marine gun and missiles, it is effective within close ~ medium range as a support unit and can adapt itself to different terrains due to high terrain suitability.
  • ※Due to Lineup update, “Clan Match Reward MS Obtain Conditions” will be reset.
    For details, click here.
    • ◎Map
    • ・By “Supply Depot”, a fix has been applied to a specific point of underground, having unnatural light.
    • ・By “Supply Depot”, a fix has been applied to the spot where the blast penetrated the floor.
    • ・By “Supply Depot”, a fix has been applied due to MS facing towards an unnatural direction when they are respawned at relay point.
    • ◎Unit
    • ・By “Kshatriya”, a fix has been upload to binder acting during a dispatch scene for a Space Map.
    • ・By “Xekueins Type 1 Loadout”, a fix has been applied for unnatural motion happening during Heavy Attack struggle.
    • ◎Battle
    • ・By Free Battle, a fix has been applied for the disappearing “TEAM A” and “TEAM B” indications by the score screen.
  • ◎Battle Simulator
  • ・When playing Battle Simulator as multiplayer, and when the room disbands at a specific time, a fix has been applied for the next step not appearing.
  • ◎Others
  • ・By the Custom Match, a fix has been applied for unnatural button indication during Room Search and making “Spectator Mode” On.
  • ・By Accessory “Helmet: Neo Zeon 15”, a fix has been applied for unnatural appearance after it is equipped.
■Currently confirmed occurrences
  • ◎Options
  • ・Currently, it is confirmed that “View Base Camp Guide” is being displayed by “H.A.R.O.>Option>Other”
    Since it is an ineffective function, it will be fixed by a later update.
  • We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this matter.
  • ■How to Update Game Data
  • Start “Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2” from the PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®5 home screen.
    If you are connected to the Internet, the latest version will be downloaded automatically.
  • After the update is successfully completed, the 【ver. information】displayed in the upper right corner of the “H.A.R.O.” screen will be updated.
    If the 【ver. information】 is out of date, please wait a while and try again.
    Please note that players with different, 【ver. information】will not be matched with each other.