"Series' 10th Anniversary Celebration" Notice

■[PDT] 06/29/2022 22:00
■[CET] 06/30/2022 06:00
Since the very first iteration on [JST]06/28/2012
“Gundam Battle Operation Series” had been around for 10 years.
We are going to celebrate it with our “Series’ 10th Anniversary”!!
[PDT] 06/29/2022 22:00 ~ 07/27/2022 21:59 /
[CET] 06/30/2022 06:00 ~ 07/28/2022 05:59 [Scheduled]

The 10 years history celebration video is NOW Rolling out!
This is for all pilots who are still playing GBO, and those pilots who are going to join us, check it out!

Special supply drop is NOW available and ONE free drop every day during the campaign!
★★MS is guaranteed and you may get maximum 28 MS!!
For the details of the Special supply drop, please click here.

10th Anniversary Step Up Supply Drop for new MS “Sinanju” guaranteed is beginning!
For details of the Step Up Supply Drop, please click here.
Token set (31 tokens) with normal price of JPY 3,300 (including tax) in PlayStation™Store is now 70% off which is only JPY 990 (including tax)!
To purchase [Series’ 10th Anniversary] 31 token pack, please click here.
08/25/2022 [JST] PS: Sales are now closed.
Also the [Series’ 10th Anniversary] special pack with 31 token and Char’s Gelgoog LV1 on PlayStation™Store is NOW on sale!
To purchase [Series’ 10th Anniversary] special pack, please click here.
08/25/2022 [JST] PS: Sales are now closed.

During the campaign, our Base Camp is with the 10th Anniversary decorations!
There are more! You will get a bonus reward of 10th Anniversary items by just logging in GBO!
For details of the items, please click here.
Request Campaign is also ready to go!
A Supply Drop where pilots can get the MS they have requested as an extra!
This will be your chance to get the MS that you’ve always wanted!
Questionnaires are bing prepared.

Thank you for all your support and we hope you will keep enjoying the “Gundam Battle Operation” series in the future!