[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the Update of Late June

■[PDT] 06/27/2022 22:00
■[CET] 06/28/2022 06:00
Greetings all pilots! This is Development Director Ota.
This will be a sudden, but important announcement.

As of today 28th of June, 2022[JST], “Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation” series has reached its 10th Year Anniversary!
At…long Last!! We are truly grateful!!
We have been saying to our selves  “wha? Already 10 years? Are you kidding right?”, it is thrilling to be a part of such a rare opportunity and to witness such a major turning point.
And of course, it is all thanks to the pilots who played GBO!
As a token of our appreciation and gratitude, we prepared a video to commemorate our 10th Anniversary.
Please take a look at it while remembering the past battles of GBO.
We have tried to mention the brief trials,  a lot happened during these 10 years…
Chances such as this are hard to achieve, so we would like to take a look at each title briefly and remember the past events a bit.
・06/28/2012[JST], the very first PS3 service of “Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation” began.
Free-to-play console games were rare during that time but, we were able to it adapt smoothly.
By the way, the first version had a “Sortie Energy System” and a way to obtain Units was to develop them with blueprints that can be obtained by the end of a battle…
And when our own MS gets destroyed, we used to get in the Dom of our partners as far as we can remember.
・08/27/2015[JST], “Another” works beside the Universal Century also joined the fray with the start of “Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation NEXT” service. The feeling of action and the speed that is the specialty of other works emphasized with high-firepower and other features and was supported especially by the younger generations.
During a victory or a successful tackle, special effects that were inspired by the original story were displayed which made things even heated. (My favorite was Wing Zero vs. Epyon)
・07/26/2018[JST], nearly after 1 year after the end of the 1st title, it was the correct time for the launch of “Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2” service.
With discarded Sortie Energy Limit, Z Gundam, Nu Gundam and Unicorn Generation after the Gryps War have also joined the roster.
Furthermore, with the addition of Space Maps and Funnel Weapons, even currently well-received new features such as TMS entry were introduced.
・11/05/2021[JST], “Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy” was released.
A spin-off single-player game based on the GBO2 system focused more on character and story. I won’t mention the story since it would be a spoiler but, I urge you to see what happens to Fairy Squad.
…I am sure you all have different unforgettable memories than myself, even though I can only remember them lightly.
Memories of playing with your friends, friendships that began within GBO, heated battles, and maybe even frustrating moments, right?
But since this is a good opportunity for it, why don’t we look back on the past 10 years and enjoy sharing memories in a reunion-like atmosphere with the history of GBO?
It brings tears to the eyes…
However, it’s been 10 years since the series began, if you think in the Universal Century, it would be around the time when the One Year War Began and the First Neo Zeon War ended. Just like the evolution of dinosaurs or various mobile suits, GBO has also evolved like PS3 (Vita)→PS4→PS5.
Featured MS in the game have also exceeded over 300 Units within these 2 years and still even growing!
Our dear pilots, GBO will continue to progress and evolve further with you!
With our staff committed, we look forward to seeing you in the years to come!!
※Commemoration Campaign etc. is scheduled to take place. Please wait for the upcoming information.
※The rest of the Development Newsletter will be from Ishii.
(Development Director: Ota)
<Development Newsletter> Regarding the Update of Late June
Dear all pilots, good luck on your battles! I am Ishii from the development team.
I am also deeply moved with GBO turning 10 years old, since I also participated in the project from the very beginning.
Thank you for always supporting us.
Well then, I’ll be introducing the long-awaited next content update.
■”Notification Mark” on the Facility Icon of Base Camp
Some minor modifications are made for “Reward Center” and “Hangar” that will help you in your daily play.
“Notification Mark” will be displayed over Neidhart’s head when there are rewards that are unreceived and above Leona’s head if the enhancements were completed or if there is available storage space.
 There might be some times that you went to Reward Center to see if there was a reward you forgot to receive although you don’t, or you felt disappointed and forgot to take out the MS that you wanted to enhance and proceed for the next MS.
With these new notifications, it is easier to understand just like “Need to talk to them when then this symbol appears!”.
■Restrictions on timing of sending some chats
One of the current problems of GBO2 is the “Abuse of some chat inputs”.
After the implementation of the reporting function, we are trying to raise awareness of good manners by issuing a permanent suspension warning, but even so, a certain number of users continue to abuse this feature.
In order to prevent this, specific chat inputs have use restrictions from now on.
  • ■Affected Messages
  • ・We’ll definitely win next time!
  • ・That was fun!
  • ・Many Thanks!
  • ・It was a good fight!
  • ・May we meet again!
  • ・Let’s go for another round!
  • ・That was close!
  • ・Let’s do our best next time!
  • ・That was a good teamwork!
  • ■Use Conditions
  • Pre-Change: Useable whenever during a battle
  • Post-Change: Can only be used when the battle ends.
※Affected messages will be displayed with yellow color on options screen.
Chat messages that were sent with abusive intentions, like “It’s my team members fault from the start”, “Good Job!”, “Thanks to all of you!”, can break the will of hardworking team members, and as result can inflict harm rather than any positive outcome.
Of course there will be times, might be in Team Battles that you would be furious.
However, your team members that play GBO2 are human just like you, not someone that you can just abuse with your anger.
Again, it is quite unfortunate that these messages are used to demoralize other people.
We ask for your cooperation to create an environment where everyone can play GBO2 without these situations.
Furthermore, we will continue to improve the use of the chat function, accounts that repeatedly cause trouble will be suspended.
■Notice of each Campaign’s Start
■”Supply Drop MS Request Campaign” Scheduled to be implemented!
We will be holding a Special Supply Drop Event in which pilots can request the MS that they want from the list, and the most requested, desired MS within a Supply Drop that is scheduled to be implemented!
■”Twitter Icon & Header Maker” scheduled!
Twitter page is scheduled to open, in which players can make icons or headers with MS or materials that appear on GBO2!
Both is scheduled to be launched on [PDT] 06/29/2022 22:00 / [CET] 06/30/2022 06:00 . Please wait for more details.
Oh Right! Tenda-chan has also something to report.
Thanks Tenda-chan!
■Last but not least.
As a celebration of GBO Series’ 10th Anniversary, a popular unit will join the roster of GBO2. We have kept you waiting! Let us introduce you the new Unit!
In this  Special PV Video,  weapons and skill features of the Unit will be introduced. Please take a look!
※This video may not be representative of the actual product.
Introduced update contents are scheduled to be implemented on [PDT] 06/29/2022 22:00 / [CET] 06/30/2022 06:00.
Details will be revealed on a later date, so be sure to check it out.
This turned out to be a long Developer Newsletter but we are grateful that you read until this far.
Well then, dear pilots, let’s meet on the battlefield.
(Director: Ishii)