"Premium Login Bonus" Details

■What is the premium login bonus?
This is a login bonus where you can receive daily special items when you log into Battle Operation 2.
The Premium Login Bonus can only be received by pilots who have been awarded the “Platinum Order of Battle”.
  • ※When you have received all login bonuses, you will receive tokens every day until the next lineup update.
  •  *The login bonus will be updated on the 1st, 11th and 21st of every month.
  • ※You will receive the Premium Login Bonus on [PDT] 13:00 / [CET] 21:00, the day after you have been awarded the Platinum Medal.
  • ※Premium Medal can be obtained by completing a certain number of 「monthly missions」.
■List of Premium Login Bonuses for June 2022
◎[PDT] 05/31/2022 13:00 ~ 06/10/2022 12:59
◎[CET] 05/31/2022 21:00 ~ 06/10/2022 20:59
・List of items you can get
MS :★★★ Efreet Schneid LV1
Other: Refurbishment kit [★]~[★★★]、Hangar usage right<At the beginning of the month>, Token
◎[PDT] 06/10/2022 13:00 ~ 06/20/2022 12:59
◎[CET] 06/10/2022 21:00 ~ 06/20/2022 20:59
・List of items you can get
MS :★★★ Full Armor Hyaku Shiki Kai LV2
Other: Refurbishment kit [★]~[★★★], Hangar usage right<The middle of the month>, Token
◎[PDT] 06/20/2022 13:00 ~ 06/30/2022 12:59
◎[CET] 06/20/2022 21:00 ~ 06/30/2022 20:59
・List of items you can get
MS :★★ Methuss Kai LV1
Other: Refurbishment kit [★]~[★★★], Hangar usage right<At the end of the month>, Token
  • ※When you acquire the Hangar usage right, the dedicated hangar of the reinforcement facility will be opened.
  • ※The hangar has early, mid, and late slots, and the seasonal slots you gain access to will be opened.
  • ※All hangars opened by the usage right will become unavailable at the end of the month in which the usage rights are acquired ([PDT] 12:59 / [CET] 20:59 on the day).
    (If the end of the month arrives in the middle of storing the MS, it will be unavailable after the MS enhancement is completed.)
■List of Premium Login Bonuses for July 2022