Update File ver.0132 Release

■[PDT] 9/23/2020 23:20
 [CEST] 9/24/2020 8:20
  • ◎MAP “Jungle”
  • ⇒ “Jungle” comes with a newly implemented “Underwater Environment”
  • ◎MAP Variation Port Base (High Tide)
  • ⇒ The “Underwater Environment” is added around the center of “Port Base (High Tide)”
  • ⇒ In custom matches and free exercises, this MAP can be selected by pressing「□ Button」on “Port Base” selection
  • ※The number of sorties in “Port Base” (High Tide)” is counted for “Port Base.”
  • ◎MAP Improvement “Ruined city”
  • “Water Environment” added near the start area for both teams
  • ◎MAP Improvement “Tropical desert”
  • “Underwater Environment” added around team A’s side and near the relay point D
Various parameter adjustment implemented. ※Please see HERE for more information.
◎The results of the parameter adjustments made on Thursday, August 27, 2020 have been added.
※Please see HERE for more information.
  • ◎ With the implementation of “Underwater Environment,” we added the “Underwater” suitability for MS
  • ⇒ In the water, the MS performance will change
  • ⇒ There are two conditions upon contact with water – “Contacting water” when MS is partially submerged in the water and “Underwater” when MS is fully submerged underwater
  • ⇒ MS with “Underwater” suitability will have various parameters improved in the water, such as movement speed
■Changes in MS Performance – Details
Changes in MS performance in “Contacting water” condition
“Underwater” suitability: No “Underwater suitability: Yes”
Running speed Slightly reduced No change
Speed at high movement speed Slightly reduced No change
Turn rate Slightly reduced No change
Flight Mode with the “Flight System” skill Available for use No applicable unit
Changes in MS performance in “Underwater” condition
“Underwater” suitability: No “Underwater suitability: Yes”
Thruster consumption from jumping and high speed movement Reduced
Recovery rate from thruster overheat Increased
Recovery rate from beam weapon overheat Increased
Running speed Reduced Slightly increased
Speed at high movement speed Reduced Slightly increased
Turn rate Reduced Slightly increased
Descend speed underwater Reduced
Flight Mode with the “Flight System” skill Not usable No applicable unit
  • ◎ In the water, performance of some weapons will change
  • ⇒ When the MS is underwater, some throwable weapons like “Cracker” will have shorter range, while weapons like “Mounted FLAMETHROWER” will be unavailable for use.
■An example of weapons with variable performance
Changes in weapons performance in “Underwater” condition
Behavior on the ground Behavior underwater
「Guntank」 Secondary weapon: 120mm Cannon APHE x2
「Zaku Cannon」 Secondary weapon: 180mm Cannon
and other
Bullets fly in heaps Ballistics change to a straight line
「Zaku II」 Secondary weapon: Cracker
「Assault Guntank」 Secondary weapon: Fuel Depth Charge
and other
Throw range, drop distance reduced
「Qubeley」 Secondary weapon: Funnels x6 [Pincer]
「Hamma-Hamma」 Secondary weapon: Wired Beam Gun x2 [Pincer]
and other
The movement speed of funnels, etc. reduced
「Gundam MK-II」 Secondary weapon: Knuckles Sealant Launcher
「Assault Guntank」 Secondary weapon: Mounted FLAMETHROWER
and other
Not usable
  • ◎ In the water, the radar range will change
  • ⇒ Depending on whether the unit is on the ground or underwater, the radar range will change
  • ・Common to all MS: if you’re on the ground, the radar range with regards to MS underwater is reduced
  • ・No underwater suitability: the radar range is reduced for all units
  • ・Suitable for underwater: no change in radar range even underwater
◎MS that are suitable for underwater will be able to use dash while jumping or descending underwater upon contacting the water or being fully submerged
※The video was made during development. It may differ from actual behavior.
  • ◎Added “Aquatic Mobile Shooting“ skill for some MS
  • ⇒ MS with skill will be able to dash and fire underwater
  • ■MS with “Aquatic Mobile Shooting“ skill
Z’Gok Main weapon: Claw Vice Beam
Z’Gok E Main weapon: ZE Beam Cannon
Hy-Gogg Main weapon: HG Beam Cannon
Gogg Main weapon: Twin Abdominal Mega Partical Cannon
Ram Z’Gok Main weapon: Arm Mega Particle Cannon
※The video was made during development. It may differ from actual behavior.
  • Expanded the weapon switch shortcuts to improve the usability of MS with a large number of weapons
  • ⇒ In addition to the previous「○」「△」「□」「X」buttons, it is now possible to assign weapons to new 「〇 + △」「〇 + X」「□ + △」「□ + X」 button combinations
  • ※For MS with the “Transform” and “Transform (Flight)” skills, only the normal shortcut function will be available when transforming.
    Please note that extended shortcut buttons are not supported.
■Battle Results
  • “Continuous Return Bonus” implemented
  • ⇒ The “Continuous Return Bonus” will be awarded to players who successfully return from a certain number of battles in a row
  • ⇒ When a continuous return bonus is triggered, the bonus value to the enhancement of a sortied unit will be added
  • ■Enhancement value added by the Continuous Return Bonus
Number of returns: ~9 None
Number of returns: 10~19 Enhancement value: +1 per battle
Number of returns: 20~29 Enhancement value: +2 per battle
Number of returns: More than 30 Enhancement value: +3 per battle
  • ※If you are forced to leave due to abandonment, the number of returns is reset.
  • ※Custom matches and battle simulators do not count towards the number of returns.
  • Also, the Continuous Return Bonus will not be applicable.
  • ※If a battle is terminated due to network disconnection on the host’s side, etc, the number of returns will not be reset and will be retained.
  • ◎Forced desertion for excessive sabotage in combat has been adjusted as some weapons were not subject for a penalty.
  • ■Affected weapons
Hide Bomb (secondary weapon for Gyan)
Knuckles Dummy Balloon (secondary weapon for Super Gundam)
Small Mine (secondary weapon for Hamma-Hamma)
Flash Grenade (pilot weapon)
  • ■What is excessive sabotage in combat?
  • Excessive sabotage of a friendly team during combat will be considered abandonment and will result in forcible desertion.
    Repeated abandonment will worsen your abandonment status and result in a penalty.
  • ※Accidental shooting at an ally while engaging an enemy unit is not considered as excessive sabotage.
  • ◎The time limit for the “sortie prohibition” for those with a status of [PENALTY LV 1] or higher has been extended as follows.
  • 【PENALTY LV1】6 hours ⇒ 30 hours
  • 【PENALTY LV2】24 hours ⇒ 12 hours
  • ※During the “sortie prohibition,” you can only launch custom matches and free exercises.
    (You cannot create rooms for custom matches.)
■Application Data Update
■Supply Drop Lineup Update
※For more details regarding the updated lineup, please click HERE.
■”Premium Login Bonus” for October
※Please click HERE for more information on “Premium Logins Bonus” for October
■New materials for exchange have been added to the Recycle Counter.
⇒ Information on some of the newly added materials:
  • ■New Units
  • ★★★Mudrock LV2
  • ※The materials mentioned above will be available at the Recycle Counter for two days from 9/24/2020 (THU) to 9/25/2020 (FRI) 2020
■Materials for exchange have been added to the DP Exchange Counter.
⇒Information on some of the newly added materials:
  • ■Units
★★★ Gelgoog High Mobility Type LV3
★★ G-Line Light Armor LV1
■Some materials have been removed from the supply drop lineup.
*For more details please click HERE.

■Weekly Weekend Battle Schedule
Weekend Battle Schedule Special Rule
[PDT] 9/24/2020 (THU) 12:00 – 9/25/2020 (FRI) 11:59
[CEST] 9/24/2020 (THU) 21:00 – 9/25/2020 (FRI) 20:59
Mix-Up, Simple Battle, and Target Shuffling are held on rotation every 2 hours
[PDT] 9/25/2020 (FRI) 12:00 – 9/26/2020 (SAT) 11:59
[CEST] 9/25/2020 (FRI) 21:00 – 9/26/2020 (SAT) 20:59
[PDT] 9/26/2020 (SAT) 12:00 – 9/27/2020 (SUN) 11:59
[CEST] 9/26/2020 (SAT) 21:00 – 9/27/2020 (SUN) 20:59
■Next Clan Match Schedule
Please click HERE for more information regarding the next Clan Match and reward redeem period.
  • ◎Unit related
  • ・Fixed an unnatural sorting of the main weapon”Chest 4-Barrel Mega P.C.” in the database when sorting by “Name” for “Zock.”
  • ・For “Marasai,” the camera position has been corrected because the shoulder binder part was covered with the reticle when crouching down with the main weapon “Fedayeen Rifle [Prototype].”
  • ・Fixed a problem that was occurring for “GM Night Seeker (V)” where the MS unit would not be displayed after a certain distance.
  • ◎Beauty Salon related
  • ・When editing the pilot’s appearance, some of the edits would not be cleared correctly upon cancelling the edits and re-entering the beauty salon.
  • ・Fixed a bug where the pilot’s appearance would sometimes not be cleared when selecting “Clear Edited Content” while editing the pilot’s appearance.
  • ・Fixed a bug where a different model from your pilot model would be displayed when entering a beauty salon.
  • ◎Map related
  • ・Fixed a bug where the camera would occasionally display an unnatural position when the pilot moved along a wall in the “Port Base.”
  • ・Fixed a bug in the “Resource Satellite” when an MS entering the gap between the B-team’s base and a rock would sometimes be unable to escape.
  • ◎Clan related
  • ・The bug that occurred at “Clan Level Up Reward 5x Campaign” during the 2 Year Anniversary Campaign has been fixed, where sometimes appropriate rewards were not received.
    The above issue has been fixed after application data update on Thursday, September 17, 2020.
  • ・Fixed the bug when clan members were not receiving a H.A.R.O. alert that clan comment had been changed by the clan leader.
  • ◎Skill related
  • ・The skill descriptions for the “Flight Control Program” LV2 and LV3 have been revised to reflect their actual behavior.
  • ◎Other
  • ・An error in the rating safe period guide has been corrected.
  • ・For “English” language version, the order in which the clothing and accessories were sorted was not natural, so this has been fixed.
  • ■Updating game data
  • Start MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM BATTLE OPERATION 2 from the PlayStation®4 home screen.
    If you are connected to the Internet, the latest version will be downloaded automatically.
  • When the update is completed successfully, the [ver. Information] displayed in the upper right of the [H.A.R.O. screen] is updated.
    If the [ver. Information] is old, please try again later.
    Please note that players with different [ver. Information] will not be matched together.