Application Data Update

■[PST] 11/25/2020 21:00
 [CEST] 11/26/2020 6:00
■Matching Related
  • ◎A new sortie setting “Series Battle” implemented.
  • ⇒ There will be a series such as “One Year War” and “Delaz Conflict”, etc. and only those MS that are related to the series will be available for launch.
  •   ※Relevant MS include those that appeared in that work, were produced in that era, were active, etc.

■How to sortie to the Series Battle
  • ・Quick Match
    ⇒ Series Battle can be launched from a set game mode.
  • ■Series Battle Schedule
    ⇒ The Series Battle will be held daily at the following times.
Time Status
0:00 ~ 1:59 Held
2:00 ~ 3:59
4:00 ~ 5:59
6:00 ~ 7:59 Held
8:00 ~ 9:59
10:00 ~ 11:59
12:00 ~ 13:59 Held
14:00 ~ 15:59
16:00 ~ 17:59 Held
18:00 ~ 19:59
20:00 ~ 21:59 Held
22:00 ~ 23:59
  • ※Only on [PST] November 25th (WED) 21:00 ~ 6:59 / [CEST] November 26th (THU) 6:00 ~ 15:59 the Series Battle will be available at any time
  • ・Custom Match
    ⇒ Room Search
    If you set “Series Battle” in Change/Confirm your search only the rooms with the Series Battle will be shown in the search results.
    If you want to do a normal room search, set the “Series Battle” back to “none specified”.
  • ⇒ Creating a Room
    When creating a room, you can set up a “Series Battle” and the rules of the Series Battle will be applied.
  • ※If you do not have MS capable to sortie in a Series Battle, you can not enter the room.
■Types of Series Battle
・Series Battle “One Year War”
You can go sortie with MS (produced or active in this era, etc.) that has relevance to One Year War.
You can choose most MS for this Series Battle. For example: Gundam, Early Production Gelgoog, Gundam Ground Type, Zudah, Gundam Pixie, Act Zaku, etc.
・Series Battle “08th MS Team”
You can sortie with MS that appeared in or related to the anime “Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team”.

For example: Gundam Ez8, Gouf Custom, Acguy, GM Ground Type [08MS], etc.

・Series Battle “War in the Pocket”
You can sortie with MS that appeared in or related to “Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket”.

For example: Alex, Kämpfer, GM Sniper II, Gelgoog J, Z’Gok E, etc.

・Series Battle “Rise from the Ashes”
You can sortie with MS that appeared in or related to “Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden: Rise from the Ashes”.

For example: GM Sniper II [White Dingo]、Guncannon Mass Production Type、Gelgoog Ground Type (VD)、Gouf, etc.

・Series Battle “Delaz Conflict”
You can sortie MS that appeared in or related to the post One Year War – Delaz conflict era.

For example: Gundam GP01, Gelgoog M, Zaku II F2, G-Line, etc.

  • ※Those are only examples of MS that are available for sortie. Please check the game for further details.
  • ※The variation of Series Battle will be gradually added in future updates.
  • ◎With the implementation of the “Series Battle”, “Series Battle” was added to the sort order of the customization screen, etc.
■Battle related
Various parameters have been adjusted.  ※Please click HERE for more information
◎The results of the parameter adjustments made on Thursday, October 22, 2020 have been added.  ※Click HERE for more information.
  • ◎If you cancel the support bombardment, you will now receive a message in the chat log.
  • ◎you can see the information about “the number of missions to earn the Platinum Medal” and “the rewards of premium login bonus” when you log in. 
■Application Data Update
■Supply Drop Lineup Update
※For more details regarding the updated lineup, please click HERE.
■”Premium Login Bonus” for December
※Please click HERE for more information on “Premium Login Bonus” for December
■New materials for exchange have been added to the Recycle Counter.
⇒ Information on some of the newly added materials:
  • ■New Units
  • ★★★Rick Dias LV1
  • ■Main Weapon
  • ★★Clay Bazooka [Shrapnel] LV1
  • ※The materials mentioned above will be available at the Recycle Counter for two days from 11/26/2020 (THU) to 11/27/2020 (FRI) 2020
■Materials for exchange have been added to the DP Exchange Counter.
⇒ Information on some of the newly added materials:
  • ■Units
★★★ Gerbera Tetra LV1
★★ Gouf (VD) LV3
★★ GM [White Dingo] LV3
  • ■Main Weapon
  • ★★★Early Prototype Beam Rifle LV2~3
■Some materials have been removed from the supply drop lineup.
*For more details please click HERE.

■Weekly Weekend Battle Schedule
Weekend Battle Schedule Special Rule
[PST] 11/26/2020 (THU) 11:00 – 11/27/2020 (FRI) 10:59
[CEST] 11/26/2020 (THU) 20:00 – 11/27/2020 (FRI) 19:59
Mix-Up, Simple Battle, and Target Shuffling are held on rotation every 2 hours
[PST] 11/27/2020 (FRI) 11:00 – 11/28/2020 (SAT) 10:59
[CEST] 11/27/2020 (FRI) 20:00 – 11/28/2020 (SAT) 19:59
[PST] 11/28/2020 (SAT) 11:00 – 11/29/2020 (SUN) 10:59
[CEST] 11/28/2020 (SAT) 20:00 – 11/29/2020 (SUN) 19:59
■Next Clan Match Schedule
Please click HERE for more information regarding the next Clan Match and reward redeem period.
  • ◎Unit Related
  • ・Fixed a bug when the Dijeh SE-R skill “Over Boost LV2” could not be used during the effect of the “Flight Control Program LV3” that enabled fast movement or additional actions during jumps.
  • ・Fixed a bug that rarely prevented progress when playing with the language setting “English” and selecting Ram Z’Gok’s melee main weapon “Claw Shield” in the H.A.R.O. menu.
  • ・Fixed a bug with the “Arm 3-Tube Missile POD x2” of Zssa’s secondary weapan when applied to Type 61 tanks and units such as Wappa, as the combustion effect and effects were not occurring correctly.
  • ・For Asshimar, the third mark set in the paint did not appear correctly during the sortie direction, so this has been corrected.
  • ・On Schuzrum Dias [NZ], the camera position was adjusted because the back binder was close to the camera and it was difficult to see the reticle.
  • ◎Battle Related
  • ・Corrected the disguise effect of the fist dummy balloon in the space MAP so that the fist dummy balloon will not cause a disguise effect if it goes into a combustible state after being hit by Zssa’s secondary weapon “Arm 3-Tube Missile POD x2”.
  • ⇒ Units in a burned state will have the unit icon displayed on the radar at all times until they are released from the burned state.
  • ・When destroying an underwater MS, a bubble effect would remain in the area where the MS was destroyed until the destroyed MS would be relaunched, so this has been fixed.
  • ・Fixed a case in which the sound effect of an attack would sometimes continue to sound when using a ranged weapon while passing through water in a water area.
  • ・Corrected a situation where psycom weapon such as Qubeley’s secondary weapon “Funnels x6 [Pincer]” could sometimes be buried in the ground when used against units such as Type 61 tanks or Wappa, and attacks would not hit.
  • ・Corrected a situation where it was sometimes difficult to lock on to Type 61 tanks, Wappas, and other units when using ASL (Automatic Aiming Compensation) with psycom weapon such as Qubeley’s secondary weapon “Funnels x6 [Pincer]”.
  • ・In the mix-up, if the skill “Transform (Flight)” became finisher when flying, it could sometimes appear unnatural during the finishing performance, so this has been fixed.
  • ◎Map Related
  • ・Fixed a problem that occurred when returning from snipe mode with the ZZ Gundam’s secondary weapon “Head High Mega Cannon” in the “Jungle”, “Resource Satellite”, and “Space Fortress Interior”, as it was difficult to see the screen.
  • ・In “City ruins”, the unit icons visible on the re-launch screen sometimes went outside the moveable area, so this has been corrected.
  • ・Corrected an unnatural shaking of unmanned MS when exiting from Dijeh and Dijeh SE-R near relay point C in the “Port Base”.
  • ◎Other
  • ・Fixed a problem in Base Camp where certain operations could move the conversation window of each facility while it was displayed.
  • ・Fixed an unnatural display of monthly mission completions in Base Camp when certain operations were performed.
  • ・In free maneuvers, an application error was occurring after a certain amount of time if you launched a sortie with the time limit of “Dark Space” set to “99:99”, so this has been fixed.
  • ・In the language “English”, some items were sorted in an unnatural order, so this has been corrected.
  • ・In “Normal Suit: AEUG05”, the design of the icon was different from the model, so the icon has been corrected.
    • ■Updating game data
    • Start MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM BATTLE OPERATION 2 from the PlayStation®4 home screen.
      If you are connected to the Internet, the latest version will be downloaded automatically.
    • When the update is completed successfully, the [ver. Information] displayed in the upper right of the [H.A.R.O. screen] is updated.
      If the [ver. Information] is old, please try again later.
      Please note that players with different [ver. Information] will not be matched together.