Application Data Update

■[PDT] 04/03/2024 22:00
■[CEST] 04/04/2024 07:00
■Notice of GBO Spring Festival 2024
[PDT] 03/27/2024 22:00 – 04/24/2024 21:59 [Scheduled]
[CEST] 03/28/2024 07:00 – 04/25/2024 06:59 [Scheduled]
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■Application Data Update
■Notice of “GBO DAYS”
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■Supply Drop Lineup Update Notice
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■Notice of Limited Supply Drop
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■Notice of GBO Spring Festival 2024② [2nd] Special “MS Enhancement” Boosted Supply Drop
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■Notice of [GBO Spring Festival 2024] Special merchandise pack
[PDT] 04/03/2024 22:00 – 04/24/2024 21:59 [Scheduled]
[CEST] 04/04/2024 07:00 – 04/25/2024 06:59 [Scheduled]
[GBO Spring Festival 2024] Special Pack which includes 31 tokens and “Bugu (RR) [GTO]” LV1, is now available on PlayStation™Store for 3,300 yen (tax included)!
※You may purchase the pack from here.
■New Materials for exchange are added to Recycle Counter.
⇒ Information about newly added materials
  • ■Units
  • ★★★ Prototype Stark Jegan LV3 added
  • ★★★ Hyaku Shiki Kai LV3 added
  • ★★ Geara Zulu (EH) LV1 added
  • ★★ Gouf [F Unit] [TB] LV1 added
  • ■Main weapon
  • ★★ Stark Jegan Hyper Bazooka LV3 added
  • ※The materials mentioned above will be available at Recycle Counter for 2 days, from [JST] 04/04/2024 – 04/05/2024.
■Some materials have been excluded from the Supply Drop Lineup.
※For Details, click here.
■Rating Match/Quick Match Game Modes are updated.
※There may be differences about the game mode with the information above, which were introduced during the previous update regarding [Possible Game Modes].
■Some MS spec in Situation Battle “EXMAN” is now adjusted.
  • ■Adjusted MS
  • ・Team A
  • ・GM Night Seeker (V)
     ⇒ Boosted the MS spec
  • ・GM Night Seeker II ※Equipped with Beam Rifle [Stripped]
     ⇒ Boosted the MS spec
  • ・GM Night Seeker II ※Equipped with 2-Barrel Beam Gun
     ⇒ Boosted the MS spec
  • ・GM Night Seeker
     ⇒ Boosted the MS spec
     ⇒ Grant skill “Melee Combo Controller LV1”

■Weekly Weekend Battle Schedule
Weekend Battle Schedule Special Rules
[PDT] 04/04/2024 12:00 – 04/07/2024 11:59
[CEST] 04/04/2024 21:00 – 04/07/2024 20:59
“Mix-Up”, “Simple Battle”, “Shuffle Target”,
“Brawl Match”, “Duel Match” will be held every two hours.
Situation Battle “EXMAN” will be held.
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■Next Clan Match Schedule
Please refer, here for the next Clan Match schedule and reward collection period.
For an overview of the Clan Match, please refer here.
■Update for Clan Match reward MS!
New reward MS for Clan Match is available from [JST] 04/06/2024.
■New MS
・★★ Gundam Ground Type [GM Head] (Raid Unit, Ground only, Cost 350)
  • ■Mobile Suit Features
  • ・Raid Unit with Cost of 350.
  • ・A locally modified version of the Gundam Ground Type that uses parts from the GM Ground Type to replace the head that was lost in battle.
  • ・Its unit’s performance is not greatly inferior to that of the Gundam Ground Type, and it can be equipped with the same weapons as the original one, and its firepower has been enhanced by carrying a new sub-weapon, the beam rifle.
  • ・Can only be deployed on the Ground.
  • ※Since the lineup has been updated, “Condition of claiming Clan Match reward MS” has been reset as well.
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  • Regarding on how to update the application, please click here.