Schedule of Situation Battle

※For details of “Situation Battle”, please click here.
■Schedule of coming “Situation Battle”
Date and time 1st week: [PST] 02/15/2024 11:00 – 02/18/2024 10:59
2nd week: [PST] 02/22/2024 11:00 – 02/25/2024 10:59
1st week: [CET] 02/15/2024 20:00 – 02/18/2024 19:59
2nd week: [CET] 02/22/2024 20:00 – 02/25/2024 19:59
Topic The Day of Dakar
MAP Deserted City
No. of Players 5 vs 5
MS Team A
MS Type COST Main weapons
Zeta Gundam General 700 Ranged: Zeta Gundam Beam Rifle
Melee: Zeta Gundam Beam Saber
Dijeh General 600 Ranged: Hyaku-Shiki Beam Rifle
Melee: Dijeh Beam Sword
Nemo General 550 Ranged: Hyper Bazooka [Modified]
Melee: Beam Saber [Late Model]
Nemo General 450 Ranged: 170mm Cannon
Melee: Beam Saber [Late Model]
Nemo General 400 Ranged: GM II Beam Rifle
Melee: Beam Saber [Late Model]
[Zeta Gundam] will be upgraded with higher MS spec and skill performance compare to the normal one.
Team B
MS Type COST Main weapons
Byarlant General 650 Ranged: Byarlant Mega Particle Cannon
Melee: Byarlant Beam Saber
Asshimar General 600 Ranged: Large Beam Rifle
Melee: Blow [Enhanced]
Asshimar General 600 Ranged: Large Beam Rifle
Melee: Blow [Enhanced]
Marasai General 450 Ranged: Fedayeen Rifle [Prototype]
Melee: Marasai Beam Saber
Hizack General 400 Ranged: Zaku Machine Gun Custom
Melee: Hizack Heat Hawk
[Byarlant] will be upgraded in MS spec and equipped with skill “Forced Injector LV2“.
  • ※You can join this mode even you don’t have any MS on the list.
    Pilot will be assigned a random MS from team A or B.
  • ※MS status in this mode will different from the normal, also the main weapons and custom part cannot be changed.
    Default MS and pilot appearance will also be used in this mode.
  • ※You can check the MS list in sortie counter.
◆Situation “The Day of Dakar” rewards
Directives for Situation Battle will be available to pilots during the period.
You can finish the missions and claim the rewards before the schedule cycle is over.
  • ◎1st week
  • ・STEP1: Nemo LV1 (General unit, ground/space use, Cost 400)
  • ・STEP2: 10,000DP
  • ・STEP3: 40,000DP
  • ◎2nd week
  • ・STEP1: Asshimar LV1 (General unit, ground only, Cost 550)
  • ・STEP2: 10,000DP
  • ・STEP3: 40,000DP
  • ※The details of the directives and their achievement status can be checked by pressing “Options Button” in basecamp or even sortie room.
  • ※Rewards can be gained in the Rewards Center.
  • ※For details about directive, please check here.