Overview of “GBO DAYS”

We have different events for all pilots [JST] every first Thursday through the first Sunday as our big campaign “GBO Days”!
■What is GBO Days?
GBO Days is a special monthly campaign that will start at the first Thursday of every month at [JST] 14:00 until the next Monday [JST] 04:59 [scheduled].
Pilots who always play GBO2 will receive a lot of benefits, furthermore, new and returning pilots will be even benefited from some of the content during the campaign!
■GBO Days June Schedule
[PDT] 06/05/2024 22:00 – 06/09/2024 12:59 [Scheduled]
[CEST] 06/06/2024 07:00 – 06/09/2024 21:59 [Scheduled]
■Campaign Details
During the period,
  • ①:Free “Guaranteed Mobile Suit Supply Drops” that can be requested once a day!
    (Up to 4 Units!)
  • ②:“Special Supply Drop” with 2 guaranteed ★★★ or above rarity MS can be requested once!
    (10 Times/30 Tokens)
  • ③:Basic rewards (EXP, DP, CP) after battle will be doubled!
    f you are a new or returning pilot, it will be increased to 5 times!
  • ④:New & returning pilots always have a 100% container discovery rate of observation units!
  • Also, veteran pilots of GBO2 who sortie with, new & returning pilots, their observation unit’s container discovery rate will be increased by 30%!
  • ※New pilots must start up GBO2 for the first time and click “GAME START” on the title screen within 14 days.
  • ※Returning pilots are those who have not logged in for at least 45 days since the last logged out of GBO2.
  • ※Please note that basic rewards will not be increased if pilot has started a game session after the campaign period.
  • ※The number of containers that can be found will be only two per day.
  • ※If you have been awarded with Premium War Merit badge, the number of containers you can find per day will be increased.
  • ※Date will be updated daily at 5:00 AM [JST].
  • ※If Penalty status is [PENALTY LV1] or above, you will not able to get any container.