[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the Update of November

hit■[PST] 11/20/2023 21:00
■[CET] 11/21/2023 06:00
■First of all,
Greetings, pilots! This is Nakagawa and it is time for the developer newsletter.
Fall in the air… well, I want to say that the temperature dropped crazily in Nov. and it is almost like winter in Japan!
Covid season is gone but BE aware of flu, because the cases are getting more and more, take care as we need you on the battlefield, pilot!
Let’s get to the topic of this month’s updates.
■New game mode, Situation battle!
We will launch the new game mode “Situation Battle” to GBO2 in the near update.
In this mode, you will play in a scene actually from the Gundam stories which has also the same situation from stories.
Pilots have to use the unit and equipments that we had already set for you,
which means you CANNOT use your own but still can play this mode even you don’t have the decent units.
So Come by and take a try!
Before that, let me introduce you more details about “Situation Battle”.
◇Point ① Random MS for every game you play!
“Situation Battle” is based on “Basic”, but pilot will randomly assigned a MS in the briefing room.
(Briefing room is the last confirm for all pilots joining the game.)
Units in the scene are solid and randomly assigned to each pilot before the game started.
Also, pilots will NEVER know which MS is assigned to them until the game is started.
◇Point ② Different task for MSs in each game
In this mode, every unit has their own task and position to play in the team.
For example,
“Play as the ACE and earn score as much as possible”
“A plain MS but able to support your teammate, help your ACE massively”
“Extra good at XXX and perfectly deal with specific type of MSs”
Just like that, pilots are expected to have different moves and skills compare to the other game modes.
(Like, this time you have to play Zaku as support but next time it could be the ACE in the team but still using Zaku.)
The key to win in this mode is to cooperate with your teammate based on your position, support the whole team and head to your victory.
※Here comes a big tip, units in “Situation Battle” are adjusted and their status is different to normal.
■New weapons for existing units
New weapons for existing units
●New sub-weapon “Child Funnels x6 [Stationary]” for Geymalk
Pilot can launch and settle the Mother Funnel,
then it will launch “Child Funnels” which automatically search and attack the enemies in the range.
While this weapon activated, other weapons need “Mother Funnel” or “Child Funnels” will NOT able to be used.
Still, you can combine the other weapons and make a good combo,
and also cover a couple of teammates at the same time.
■About the inappropriate action in GBO2
We have stood a clear message all the time from the very release,
ANY kinds of action annoying other pilots is obviously unacceptable.
And, we are delivering our policy to all of you again here.
We will NEVER allow,
・Intentionally friendly fire
・Abandoning the battle and continuous incorporate actions
・Disconnecting from battle
・Verbal insult to other pilots via chat or mail
or any other actions which may cause other pilots’ unpleasantness in GBO2.
ONCE we confirm the report’s credibility, then warning will be sent to the target or even banning the account forever.
Of course, we have NO mind to change this policy in the future as well.
We aware that the moral line is getting closer and closer, and some words might be okay in the past but it’s causing a trouble these days.
We just want to provide a comfortable game environment to all pilots, and it may be a good idea to think about if your words will hurt someone else.
We would like to share you all our missions, let all of you enjoy the game, make friends with each other, and to create GBO2 the best ever and ever.
■New MS “Rozen Zulu” arriving!
New 700 cost support MS “Rozen Zulu” from “Mobile Suit Gundam UC” is now joining GBO2!
This special MS is based on the Geara Zulu and has been modified to share the spare parts from Sinanju.
In GBO2, you can make full use of the “Psycho-Jammer”, excel at dealing with MS those have NT-D or psycommu-armaments.
<Unit features>
・From “Mobile Suit Gundam UC” Support unit with 700 cost and can be deployed on both Ground and Space.
・A special unit made for Angelo Sauper, overhauling the Geara Zulu to improve upon the concept of the Hamma-Hamma.
・The base was a Geara Zulu equipped with a Psycho-frame using repurposed spare parts of the Sinanju.
The arm parts in particular followed the Hamma-Hamma’s design, and demonstrated unexpected maneuverability thanks to the multiple thrusters in its peculiar shoulder parts.
・The Rozen Zulu’s wired beam cannon allowed for all-range combat, and was equipped with special Psycho-jammers on its back as the joker against the Unicorn Gundam.
・Can be deployed both on the Ground and in Space.
※This video may not be representative of the actual product.
<Skill introduction>
  • Skill “Psycho-Jammer Control System”
  • ・These effect will be caused to the units when hit by Sub-weapon “Psycho-Jammer”:
  • ・reduces mobility,
  • ・unable to use psycommu-armaments,
  • ・unable to use NT-D Ability Boost skill.
  • ⇒ If opponent is already in NT-D mode,  deals DoT damage briefly to targets when time goes by.
  • ・Damage dealt to favorable type is reduced, while damage taken by unfavorable type is increased for enemies caught in the field.
    ⇒ e.g) Such as, general type will deal less damage to raid MS but take more damage from support MS.
  • ※A field is deployed on the MS hit by the “Psycho-Jammer”, and the effect continues to occur until the field closes.
    Only the MS hit by the “Psycho-Jammer” will be targeted, and the effect will not occur even if other MS touch the field.
  • ※If the MS using the “Psycho-Jammer” is destroyed, the effect will also be cancelled.
  • ※The disable psycommu armament effect has no effect on large MS and MA that appear in BOSS missions in the Battle Simulator.
  • Skill “Beam Diffusion Shield Lv2”
  • ・While using focus fire with a weapon installed in your shield,
  • ・damage from a beam shot hitting your shield is reduced, and any reaction is either reduced or canceled.
  • ・When the above effect is activated, the damage and focusing speed by the target weapons are increased for a certain period of time.
  • ※When you are using Rozen Zulu, then sub-weapon “3-Barrel Mega Particle Cannon” will be the one.
  • Skill “Defense Mode Lv3”
  • ・Press the touch pad to enter defensive stance, keep consuming thrusters during the skill is activated.
  • ・Reduces damage taken and negates stagger.
  • Can’t be manually disabled temporarily after negating attacks.
    This skill can be used to shift into a defensive position during a hard landing or while moving, in addition to while stopped, but you must remain stopped in place while in a defensive position.
■Last but not least
This update will apply at [PST] 11/22/2023 21:00 / [CET] 11/23/2023 06:00.
We also scheduled the “Black Friday” event starting at the same day.
Daily Special Supply Drop and MS for Login bonus, there are bunch of events for you all this week!
There is more! We will have special token pack on sale from [PST]21:00 / [CET] 06:00 today!
Have a look to the store page!
※For details of “Black Friday”, please click here.
This all for this time, and we will see you next developer newsletter.
(Development: Nakagawa)