"4 Million DL! Thank-You-Campaign" Announcement

■[PST]09/02/2022 21:00
■[CET]10/02/2022 06:00
Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 began on 07/26/2018,
and we are glad to announce the happy news of over 4 million downloads and the “4 Million DL! Thank-You-Campaign” announcement!
[PST]09/02/2022(Wed) 21:00 ~ 09/02/2022(Wed) 20:59 [Scheduled]
[CET]10/02/2022(Thur) 06:00 ~ 10/02/2022(Thur) 05:59[Scheduled]
  • ① Login everyday and get gorgeous rewards!
    “4 Million DL! Thank-You-Campaign” Login Bonus!!
※For more details about the Login Bonus, please check here.
  • “Weekly free 10-Consecutive Supply Drops”!
    You will get ★★★ or higher rarity MS in this Supply Drop for free every week!
※For more details about the “Weekly free 10-Consecutive Supply Drops”, please check here.
  • “Special Supply Drop” Step Up Event!
    You can now get one of these ” Luxury Extras (the 11th item)” for every 10 draws!
※For more details about the Step Up Event, please check here.
  • 100% for the research teams’ container during this period!
    There are more! The number of copper containers required for a silver/gold container has been decreased from “10” to “3”!
※If you have 4 or above copper containers before campaign starts, you will find a silver or gold container for the next.
  • ※You may find only 2 containers a day.
  • ※You may find more containers if you awarded the Premium Badge.
  • ※The server date will be updated at 5:00 AM daily.
  • ※You will not be able to find any container rewards if your have the disconnect status [PENALTY LV1] or higher.
  • ⑤ “4 Million DL! Thank-You-Campaign” Camp Special Decoration!
    Also, you will get kinds of avatar items, marks, and patterns just logging in!
※For more details about the presents, please check here.

    • There are features and bonuses for Newbies in GBO2!
      “Start Dash”, “Newbie Login Bonus”, and “Recommended Missions” for you to start and enjoy GBO2!
※For more details about the features, please check here.