Features and Campaign details for Recruits🔰!

■ [PST] 09/02/2022 21:00
■ [CET] 10/02/2022 06:00
Welcome junior pilot, we have tons of bonuses and features for you!
“Start Dash” and “New Soldier Login Bonus” , also the “Recommended Missions” for you to start and enjoy GBO2!
■ Newbie Tips ①
  • “Start Dash” lasts 7 days from your GBO2 start date
    and there are special rewards during this period!
⇒ For more details about “Start Dash”, please check here.
■ Newbie Tips ②
  • Don’t forget to get your “New Soldier Login Bonus”!
    You can get a maximum 30 tokens if you login everyday! Let go for the Supply Drop to get your own MS and equipment!
  • ※This reward is only for new pilots.
  •     ※You can get all 30 tokens 30 tokens if you login 13 out of 20 days after you started GBO2 for the “Newbie Login Bonus”.
  • ※The bonus will expire after 20 days no matter pilot has received all tokens or not.
■Newbie Tips ③
  • Try the “Missions” first!
    Completing missions will help you learn basic controls and a chance to earn great stuff!
⇒ For more details about “Missions”, please check here.
■Newbie Tips ④
  • “Limited Revival Supply Drop” Step Up event coming soon!
    The best opportunity to get the MSs that you can no longer to find in the normal Supply Drop!
⇒ For more details about the Supply Drop, please check here .
  • * The MS in this Supply Drop is exchangeable MS and able to exchange in DP Exchange Counter or Recycle Ticket Counter.