[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the Update of Late January

■[PST] 1/25/2022 01:00
■[CET] 1/25/2022 10:00
■First of all
Happy New Year to all pilots! This is Development Director Ōta.
New year’s wish is tad late but, it’s pleasure to be with you this year too.
GBO2 will be soon 4 years old, with that this is the 60th Developer Newsletter, with nearly 300 units.
When I think about it once again, GBO2 is turning into a much bigger game, and it’ll be even bigger with the upcoming updates.
With that, let’s talk about the first update of the 2022.
■New MS 『Hyaku Shiki Kai』 planned to join!
A new MS [Hyaku Shiki Kai] from 『Z-MSV』will join the battles with a COST of 600 and as a General Unit!
It has a golden color, just because it’s Hyaku Shiki Kai, might have some kind of good fortune. Before the actual official release, here are the settings and performances of the unit.
<Explanation of the Unit>
・Source「Z-MSV」,  can be dispatched to 「Ground/Space」, General Unit with Cost of「600」
・An improved version of A.E.U.G.’s Hyaku Shiki, developed by Anaheim Electronics.
Hyaku Shiki Kai was originally tested and developed with transformation in mind, but has been redesigned as a non-transforming MS to improve its perfection.
・With increased combat capabilities, it is equipped with weapons with high general unit capabilities such as Beam Rifle, Beam Saber, Bazooka.
Furthermore, multi-purpose launcher unit in the forearm contains explosive and incendiary rounds.
Equipped with such wealthy variations, it is a dependable ally when it comes to the fighting.
・Can dispatch to both land and space.
※This video may not be representative of the actual product.
■Land MAP「Underground Base」is completed!
Soon, new MAP 「Underground Base」 is planned to be added with an update.
It will be different from the Ground Maps until now, based on “Jaburo Underground Base” that appeared in “Mobile Suit Gundam”.
Even though it is an underground map, it provides a massive space, about the same size as the “Arctic Base” of GBO2.
Let’s take another look at the MAP with its features and strategy points.
<Characteristics of the Map①:Main battlefield as the base section is in the center of the MAP>
The center of the MAP, which is the main battlefield, is in the shape of a plateau, and in the center is a tower that serves as the symbol of the underground base.
There are facilities related to the base around it, with an intricate terrain that is easy to cut a firing line.
Assault and general-purpose Units that are good at close combat should use this to get close to enemy.
On the contrary, it is a somewhat unfavorable combat area for support aircraft.
Therefore, try to support them from a distance or attack them from different positions, such as up on the central tower.
Beside that, there is a “scaffolding that can also be ridden by MS” at a slightly elevated location away from the center.
It is an effective position where it’s difficult to be counter-attacked due to it’s elevated position and where you can launch a one-sided attack.
However, this foothold can be destroyed by a certain amount of damage, so don’t be overconfident.
<Characteristics of MAP②:Underground Waterway that flows within the MAP>
There is a flowing underground waterway in the map, which allows to players to hide temporarily, planning deeper strategies.
Especially, amphibious units can benefit greatly from this, so be sure to take advantage of it.
In addition, the waterway leads to the base, so you can use it to advance from the waterway after the battle has started, or to raid the base in case of emergency.
  • ※When a MS enters the waterway (water contact/underwater), it’s various performances will change.
    In order to get around well in this MAP, please check the water field (water contact/underwater) and “Environmental suitability: Underwater suitability” again.
    For details, click here.
This is the end of the introduction of the new MAP.
By the way, the underground MAP has an image of being “dark” by nature, but we have set it to be brighter for the sake of gameplay (visibility).
Please try to play it when it’s updated!
■Last but not least,
The update described so far is scheduled to take place on Thursday, January 27, 2022, at 2:00 p.m. [JST]
so, try to be patient for just few days.
Last year, with Moon Gundam’s appearance, Code Fairy and AOZ added, we believe that we have polished the unit variation.
From now on, we would like to spread the [World of Gundam] by adding new units and make GBO2 even more enjoyable than it is!
Beside by arriving to the end of the report, 2nd Online Interchange Match is scheduled for 5th of February 2022.
Commentary will be done by [Chihiro Yoshizaki], just like the previous event!
Last of all, attenders will be chosen within a deadline but, anyone can participate to watch the event, so be sure not to miss it!
(Development Director:Ōta)