About the Next Application Data Update

■[PDT] 24/11/2021 02:00
■[CET] 24/11/2021 10:00

The update will be launched on the day below

■Update Launch Date [Scheduled]
[PDT] 24/11/2021 22:00 [Scheduled]
[CET] 25/11/2021 06:00 [Scheduled]
■Main Update Content
・Major adjustments of Game Mode [Brawl match]
・Adjustments of Units
■Developer Newsletter
<Developer Newsletter> Regarding the update in late November
  • ※Depending on your environment, you may be able to download the update file before the scheduled delivery time.
  • ※If you download and update the update file in advance, the application will be available around [JST]14:00.
    Please note that you will not be able to log in until the data update is applied.
  • ※The update file delivery time is subject to change without notice. Please be forewarned.