Application Data Update

■2021/06/24 14:00
  • [COST700] is NOW in the battlefield!
  • ■COST700 guaranteed Supply drop notice
  • Starting at 2021/06/24 (Thu), the Boosted Supply drop for a chance to get cost 700 is the following:
  • ①COST 700 guaranteed Boosted Supply drop
    From 2021/06/24 (Thu) 14:00 To 2021/07/29 (Thu) 13:59 [scheduled]
  • ※For more details of ①COST 700 guaranteed Boosted Supply drop, please click here.
  • ②COST 700 guaranteed Boosted Supply drop
    From 2021/07/08 (Thu) 14:00 To 2021/07/29 (Thu)13:59 [scheduled]
  • ③COST 700 guaranteed Boosted Supply drop
    From 2021/07/21 (Wed) 14:00 To 2021/07/29 (Thu)13:59 [scheduled]
  • ※PLEASE CHECK our website for information on each phases of the Boosted Supply drop.
  • ◎Rank[Lieutenant Colonel]is NOW available.
    ⇒ Once you reach Rank[Major LV25], the mission for promoting to [Lieutenant Colonel] will be released.
■Unit related adjustments
We have adjusted some units. ※Click here for details.
◎Unit related adjustments of 2021/05/27 (Thu) will be referenced here.
  • ◎Reinforcing time of COST 400 have been adjusted for better gameplay.
  • ■Adjusted Reinforcing time
Under COST 350 :No changes
COST 400 :[14s] → [13s]
COST 450 :[15s] → [14s]
COST 500 :[17s] → [15s]
COST 550 :[19s] → [16s]
COST 600 :[21s] → [17s]
COST 650 :[22s] → [18s]
COST 700 :[19s]
  • ◎Because of the updated COST 700, Enemy COST 700 can be chosen in the Practice mode.
■About the game system
  • [Mix up]is NOW adjusted.
  • ⇒ To balance [Mix up] due to the adjusted reinforcing time, we have changed the following details:
  • ■Force gauge adjustment
Participants Before ⇒ After
6 VS 6 :12000 ⇒ 16000
5 VS 5 :11000 ⇒ 15000
4 VS 4 :10000 ⇒ 14000
3 VS 3 :9500 ⇒ 13000
2 VS 2 :9000 ⇒ 12000
1 VS 1 :8500 ⇒ 11000
  • ■Adjusting risk value on each COST
COST Before ⇒ After
100 :200 ⇒ No changes
150 :230 ⇒ 250
200 :300 ⇒ 325
250 :330 ⇒ 400
300 :380 ⇒ 460
350 :450 ⇒ 545
400 :560 ⇒ 720
450 :720 ⇒ 910
500 :850 ⇒ 1140
550 :1000 ⇒ 1450
600 :1100 ⇒ 1725
650 :1200 ⇒ 2180
■Premium login bonus
  • ◎For the Premium login bonus, [+1 Hangar Capacity] is added.
  • ⇒ [+1 Hangar Capacity] can be received from the premium login bonus starting July 2021.
  • ■[+1 Hangar Capacity]
  • ・[+1 Hangar Capacity] can be received from the premium login bonus every seven days.
  • ・When you get it on the first time in July, the bonus depends on a maximum number of 8 spaces hangar that can be used in your camp.
  • ※About the bonus on other days that are also adjusted, they won’t be reduced because of the premium login bonus update.
  • ※Permission can only last the current month (until the first day 04:59 of next month).
    (Hangar will be closed after the current upgrade of the MS in the hangar.)
  • ※For the premium login bonus, Platinum Cross can be used the next day you get it.
    For more information about Platinum Cross, please click here.
  • ◎The armament which will have the ability [stealth] as [Smoke Discharger], the status will be shown on the screen above the HP bar when gained.
  • ※The icon will only be shown when the status is gained by armament.
    Skill 「stealth」 for MS will have no icon.
■Application Data Update
■Supply drop lineup update notice
※Click here for details.
■Boosted Supply drop Notice
※Click here for details.
■Premium login bonus July 2021
※Click here for details.
■New materials are NOW in the Recycle counter.
⇒ Details of the materials:
  • ■Units
  • ★★★Zero Shiki LV1~2 added
  • ★★★FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam LV4 added
  • ★★★Gelgoog Cannon LV4 added
  • ■New Customize Parts
  • AD-DCS LV1 added
  • Irregular-DBL LV1 added
  • ・AD-DCS LV1
  • Feature:Some status will be reduced by 20%.
  • ・Irregular-DBL LV1
  • Feature:Some status will be increased by 20%.
  • 2021/06/24 (Thu) ~ 2021/06/25 (Fri), the materials mentioned will be available in the Recycle counter.
■New Materials are NOW in the DP exchange counter
⇒ Details of the materials:
  • ■Unit can get when reach Rank[Lieutenant Colonel LV1].
★★★ Dijeh SE-R LV1 added (Rank[Lieutenant Colonel LV1] is required.)
★★★ FAZZ LV1 added (Rank[Lieutenant Colonel LV1] is required.)
★★★ Zeta Plus Type A1 LV1 added (Rank[Lieutenant Colonel LV1] is required.)
  • ■Units
★★★ FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam LV3 added
★★★ Gelgoog Cannon LV3 added
★★ Guncannon Heavy Type D LV1~2 added
■Some materials have been removed from the Supply drop lineup.  ※Click here for details.

■Schedule for This Weekend Only Battle
Schedule for This Weekend Only Battle Special rules
2021/06/25 (Fri) 04:00 ~ 2021/06/26(Sat) 03:59 [Mix up][Jumble Battle][Shuffle Target]
[Broll Match], Battle type will be changed in every 2 hours.
2021/06/26 (Sat) 04:00 ~ 2021/06/27(Sun) 03:59
2021/06/27 (Sun) 04:00 ~ 2021/06/28(Mon) 03:59
■Schedule for the next Clan Match
For the information of Clan Match reward, please click here.
For the information of Clan Match, please click here.
  • ◎Matching
  • ・When matching in [Clan Match] or [Sortie with Group], the correct behavior is to not match if the host and client of both teams are in a blocked relationship.
    However, after matching, the room would dissolve with an error message, so we have fixed the behavior so that groups that are blocked will not be matched in the first place.
  • ・In Custom Match, when there is a blocked player in the same room, the dialog “An error has occurred” used to be displayed. Now the dialog will say “There is a user in the same room that you are blocking or that is blocking you.”
  • ・In Custom Match, when returning from the battle result to the sortie preparation room, other participants may not be displayed and the sortie may not be possible, so this bug has been fixed.
  • ◎Clan-related
  • ・When confirming a membership request at the clan terminal, if there are zero applications, nothing is displayed. Therefore, the message “No membership requests are currently being received” is now displayed.
  • ・In some cases, if a player applied for membership in a clan, cancelled the application, and then applied for membership in the same clan again, the cancelled application could be used to decide whether or not to join the clan, so this bug has been fixed.
  • ◎Map-related
  • ・In the “Lunar Debris Belt”, there was a case where a large MS could not escape from an obstacle in a certain position.
  • ◎Other
  • ・When closing the H.A.R.O.screen by changing clothing and accessories at the base camp, the mini-map at the top right of the screen sometimes became unnatural, so this has been fixed.
  • ・Fixed an application error that could occur when closing the H.A.R.O. screen in Base Camp when a free lottery ration was being held and the “Free” icon was displayed at the top of Catalina.
  • ・In the sortie demo before the start of battle, the screen was displaying for a long time even though the MS was not already displayed, so the timing of the darkening has been corrected.
  • ◎Map-related
  • ・In the “Resource Satellites,” when the “Standby for Sortie” and “Request for Assistance” screens were displayed, the frame indicating the area of possible action was not displayed.
  • ■How to update the game data
  • Start “Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2” from the home screen of your PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®5.
    If you are connected to the Internet, the latest version will be downloaded automatically.
  • When the update is completed successfully, the “ver. info”displayed in the upper right corner of the “H.A.R.O.” screen will be updated.
    If the“ver. info” is old, please wait a while and try again.
    Please note that players with different “ver. info” will not be matched with each other.

■Bug related
  • ・In the Mix-Up in-game guide, the team scores in the guide and the defeat scores for each COST are unadjusted.
  • ※The above issue will be fixed in a later update.
  • We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers.