Application Data Update

■[PST] 12/23/2020 21:00
 [CEST] 12/24/2020 6:00
① A New Year’s Bonus “1 ★★★ MS Guaranteed 10 Pull Supply Drop” Campaign
※Check HERE for more details.
② New Year’s Boosted Supply Drop
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■Supply Drop Lineup Update
※For more details regarding the updated lineup, please click HERE.
■”Premium Login Bonus” for January
※Please click HERE for more information on “Premium Login Bonus” for January
■New materials for exchange have been added to the Recycle Counter.
⇒ Information on some of the newly added materials:
  • ■New Units
  • ★★★Hyaku-Shiki LV1
  • ★★★Juaggu LV4
  • ★★Gatsha LV4
  • ★★GM Sniper II LV3
  • ※The materials mentioned above will be available at the Recycle Counter for two days from 12/31/2020 (THU) to 1/1/2020 (FRI) 2020
■Materials for exchange have been added to the DP Exchange Counter.
⇒ Information on some of the newly added materials:
  • ■Units
  • ★★★Zeong LV1
■Some materials have been removed from the supply drop lineup.
*For more details please click HERE.

■Weekly Weekend Battle Schedule
Weekend Battle Schedule Special Rule
[PST] 12/31/2020 (THU) 11:00 – 1/1/2020 (FRI) 10:59
[CEST] 12/31/2020 (THU) 20:00 – 1/1/2020 (FRI) 19:59
Mix-Up, Simple Battle, and Target Shuffling are held on rotation every 2 hours
[PST] 1/1/2020 (FRI) 11:00 – 1/2/2020 (SAT) 10:59
[CEST] 1/1/2020 (FRI) 20:00 – 1/2/2020 (SAT) 19:59
[PST] 1/2/2020 (SAT) 11:00 – 1/3/2020 (SUN) 10:59
[CEST] 1/2/2020 (SAT) 20:00 – 1/3/2020 (SUN) 19:59
■Next Clan Match Schedule
Please click HERE for more information regarding the next Clan Match and reward redeem period.
■Clan match reward MS updated!
Starting from January 2021, the Clan Match reward MS will be changed.
■New MS
・★★ Dowas Custom (General Unit, For Ground / Space Use, Cost: 450)
  • Mobile Suit features:
  • ・General Unit, Cost 450
  • ・A custom Dowas that is the final production model of the Dom series which became the foundation for development of Rick Dias
  • ・It has no shortage of performance as a unit and high level of survivability can be expected by utilizing its sufficient thrusters to deploy mobile fire.
  • ・Equipped with “High-Output Beam Bazooka” and secondary weapon to provide good results on the battlefield
  • ・Equipped with the “J Grenade”, which imparts the same effect as jamming to enemy unit that enter the area within the duration of the burst.
  • ※With the lineup update, the “Clan Match Reward MS Acquisition Conditions” will be reset.
    Check HERE for details.
    • Click HERE for more information on verifying which version your client is on.