Next Update File Release Schedule

■[PST] 11/25/2020 1:00
 [CEST] 11/25/2020 10:00

The update files will be released on the following date.

■Update file release date
[PST] 11/25/2020 (WED) 21:00 [scheduled]
[CEST] 11/26/2020 (THU) 6:00 [scheduled]
■Major Updates
・”Series Battle”
・Unit adjustments
■Developer newsletter about this update
[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the update in late November 2020
  • ※The update file may be available for download before the scheduled release time, depending on your environment.
  • ※In case the update file gets downloaded before the release date, be aware that you will not be able to login to the game until the release of scheduled application data.
  • ※Please note that the release time of the update file is subject to change without notice.