[Developer Newsletter] Regarding Update in Late April 2020

■ [PDT] 4/27/2020 2:00
 [CEST] 4/27/2020 11:00
Hello pilots! This is Kanbe speaking, the Development Director for Battle Operation 2. During this past month, our daily lives have changed drastically, but we will continue to share information, including this month’s updates through our development newsletter!
■ Regarding Parameter Info for MS and Weapons
The mobile suits and weapons in Battle Operation 2 are characterized by a wide variety of parameters, which can be checked through the HARO customization window.As
you might already know, other than the shown parameters, there are also hidden parameters for internal categorization purposes.
As an example of a hidden parameter, “coordination of camera in-battle” may have different a numerical value depending on the size and form of the unit.There
are 2 reasons for some parameters to be hidden:
1.If all parameters are shown, difficulty will increase, as there would be too many numerical values, making it harder to interpret the game mechanics.
2.There is a limitation on the menu windows’ display area.That is to say there is an appropriate display area for displaying numerical and text information while leaving room for necessary information for basic game operation (such as the selected MS model), making it impossible to include unnecessary parameters.
Therefore, it is necessary to select the parameters that are important for characterization from all the parameters. Those with high priority are set as shown parameters and the rest are hidden parameters.
■ Expansion of MS & Weapons’ “Shown Parameters”
With that said, the number of mobile suits that have been released in Battle Operation 2 is about to exceed 170 units, and the important parameters for characterizing MS and weapons have changed from the early days when there were fewer
units.There, after reorganizing the menu window, we redesigned it so that it looks as simple as possible, and decided to include some of the hidden parameters.Please
check the image below.
This is the new MS information panel.
* New shown parameters (MS):
◎ Top Speed ​​(HSM)
⇒ The speed indicator of MS when it uses High Speed ​​Movement. (The higher the value, the faster the MS will move)
◎ Turning Speed
⇒ The turning speed of MS when it changes direction upwards, downwards, left, and right. (The higher the value, the faster the turning speed)
◎ Melee Strength
⇒ The higher the value, the more likely you’ll win when colliding with an enemy. If the values of these are the same, they will be repelled or  it will be a close match.
A colored line showing the parameters of the same system is added to the left side of each item.
Blue line = “HP parameter”
Green line = “Defense parameters”
Yellow line = “Attack parameters”
Orange line = “Speed parameters”
The following is the new information panel for weapons.
*New shown parameters (Weapons):
◎Cool Time
⇒ The cooldown (in seconds) until the next available weapon usage.
◎Overheat/ Reload
⇒ The waiting time (in seconds) when overheating or reloading a ranged weapon.
⇒ The amount of time required (in seconds) to complete a focus in a ranged weapon with focused shot capability.
“* Focusing is required” is displayed for some ranged weapons that require focusing.
◎Weapon Icon
⇒ The weapon icon displayed during battles can be checked here.
⇒ Type of each weapon
It is basically the same as before with only change in design into “WEAPON TYPE.” Custom parts effects are applicable.
Well, there you go!
Our designers put the information together neatly so as not to decrease visibility while increasing the information shown. What do you think?
We will continue to improve in accordance with the situation in the future.
■”Mix-up” Rule Modification
Compared to other mode, the special rule of “Mix-up” mode is that when using high-cost units, it comes with a higher risk.
(Please click HERE for more information about Mix-up)
We implemented it with the goal of making “a mode where units of various cost range can sortie and play together.” But when we collect the formation data and battle record data of Mix-up so far we have found that:
・Teams with more high-cost units have higher win rate
・As a result, there is a tendency for low-cost units to sortie less frequently (it became hard to sortie with low-cost units)
This is not in line with our initial goal for Mix-up mode.
In order to correct this, we made some modifications so that lower cost units can play more active roles.
■Mix-up Rule Modification
Unit’s HP increases according to its COST, every time it respawns after being destroyed.
■Unit’s HP increase value (up to 4 times per battle)
・COST100: HP increases by 5000 each time you respawn
・COST150: HP increases by 4500 each time you respawn
・COST200: HP increases by 4000 each time you respawn
・COST250: HP increases by 3500 each time you respawn
・COST300: HP increases by 3000 each time you respawn
・COST350: HP increases by 2500 each time you respawn
・COST400: HP increases by 1000 each time you respawn
・COST450: HP increases by 500 each time you respawn
・COST500: HP increases by 450 each time you respawn
・COST550: HP increases by 400 each time you respawn
・COST600: HP increases by 350 each time you respawn
The lower the cost, the higher the HP of the unit when respawning, and the more difficult it is to be destroyed. (Increment of up to 4 times)
This is similar to Ace Matches, where the HP of the unit increases by 1000 when an Ace unit respawns. This correction is just a modification to achieve the initial goal of Mix-up mode, where units of various cost range can sortie and play together, therefore it will not be applied to other basic rules.
■Let’s Play “Mix-up” Mode in Custom Match!
… Along with the revision on Mix-up rules, it is now possible to play the mode outside of the weekend with Custom Match!
(Cost limit is fixed as “Unlimited”)
Please sortie and play with your favorite units by all means!
(I’ll also be playing it in Custom Match once it is implemented!)
■ Closing Words
As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the world is so different from what we’re used to in ways none of us could imagine.During this time, the only thing we can do as the development team is to keep Battle Operation 2 as a place that will remain unchanged in our daily lives.We will do our best.

I think this is going to be a tough time for everyone, but please take good care of yourself and stay
healthy.Let ‘s fight together! (Development Director, Kanbe)