[Developer Newsletter] Regarding Update in Late March 2020

■[PDT] 3/24/2020 0:00
 [CET] 3/24/2019 8:00
Hello pilots! This is Kanbe, the development director.
Well then, the information regarding this month’s update has already been announced in the information section, please check them for more details.
As for this developer newsletter, I will share some details of the news.
■New Content “Battle Simulator”
Addition of a new content for Battle Operation 2 called the “Battle Simulator” that can be completed even when playing single player.
* Please click HERE for more information about Battle Simulator.
The reason for implementing the Battle Simulator in Battle Operation 2, a PvP online game,
is to “reduce hurdles to the gameplay of being an online multiplayer game”.
In a PvP-based online game, while it is fun to experience unpredictable development and various tactics as you play with actual players,
some would feel they are a burden to the team because of their actions.
This is a problem for any PvP-based online game and we are aiming to solve this issue so more people could play Battle Operation 2 in the future.
Therefore, we have prepared a new content, the “Battle Simulator”, as a place where you can practice as much as you want without having to worry about anyone.
I think that this would be a great opportunity to support new players who are still not familiar with the operation and system, and also for those who have just obtained a new unit and are anxious to directly use it in actual battle.
Also, there are factors affected by other members in a team battle, which makes it difficult to assess your own improvements.
But in Battle Simulator, your own skill is indicated by the “Clear Time”, so you can easily check your performance and the effect of customizing weapons and parts. Please try it out.
You can get MS and tokens according to the clear time of the mission, which provides advantages in the early stage!
■Future Development of Battle Simulator
In the initial release, three missions are playable and content updates are scheduled every few months. We are also preparing a “ranking element” that shows the clear time of other players.
As I explained the current situation, I would like to make it clear that
the main focus of Battle Operation 2 content is still PvP.
As we are aiming to make this title the most interesting PvP game, the development team has decided that it is the main priority for future developments.
The addition of VS CPU (PvE) mode to Battle Operation 2 may make you worry about your original adjustments and modifications being neglected,
but our development team believes that implementing this VS CPU (PvE) mode would make more people interested in PvP.
So, please look forward to improvements of Battle Operation 2 in the future.
That said, by having Psycho Gundam makes it entrance, it makes you want to fight against other MAs, don’t you think?
The update pace would be slower, but we will gradually expand the Battle Simulator.
■”Battle Operation Spring Festival Zeta”, “Zeta Gundam” finally joins the battle!
Starting 3/26 (THU), get your weekly 10 free-draw during “Battle Operation Spring Festival Z”!
As well as special campaign for new recruits and returning pilots!
Please take this opportunity to enjoy the Spring in Battle Operation 2!
* For more information, please click HERE.
And finally, “Z Gundam” enters the battle
Until now, you could not board a new unit unless you obtained it through the supply drop,
but the Battle Simulator introduced earlier has a “TRIAL” mode that allows you to try out units that you do not own.
In the TRIAL mode for this time round, the mission content allows you to try out “Type-100”, “Rick Dias”, and the new unit, “Zeta Gundam”.
Anyone can sortie in Zeta Gundam immediately!! Did I mentioned that it also transformable into Waverider?!
■★3 units are added one after another to the Recycle Counter and DP Exchange Counter!
In Battle Operation 2, supply drops exists as a means of obtaining units quickly, but you can also exchange units and parts with “Recycle Tickets” and “DP”, which are obtainable in the game.
The exchange lineup has been increasing every week so far, but to make it even easier to obtain units, we will add even more units from this spring onwards, mainly on ★★★ units. So, be sure to visit the Exchange Counter.
■Addition of “★★★ units” made available for the first time to the Recycle Counter in 5 consecutive weeks!
  • ・3/26 (THU): ★★★ “Gundam GP01 LV1” is now available for the first time in Recycle Counter!
  • ・4/2 (THU): ★★★ “Gundam GP02 [BB] LV1” is now available for the first time in Recycle Counter!
  • ・4/9 (THU): ★★★ “???”
  • ・4/16 (THU): ★★★ “???”
  • ・4/23 (THU): ★★★ “???”
■★★★ units are added to the DP Exchange Counter in 6 consecutive weeks!
  • ・3/26 (THU): ★★★”Full Armor Gundam [TB] LV2″ and “Psycho Zaku [TB] LV2” have been added to the DP Exchange Counter!
  • ・4/2 (THU): ★★★ “???”
  • ・4/9 (THU): ★★★ “???”
  • ・4/16 (THU): ★★★ “???”
  • ・4/23 (THU): ★★★ “???”
  • ・4/30 (THU): ★★★ “???”
■Closing Words
The content introduced this time will be released with the application data update on [PDT] 3/25/2020 (WED) 22:00/ [CET] 3/26/2020 (THU) 6:00 [Scheduled].
Please look forward to it.
Although this week’s new content, the “Battle Simulator” would take the spotlight as you will be able to try out Zeta Gundam and experience flashy battle against the huge Psycho Gundam,
the “Time Attack” of every mission will boost pilots spirit!
Which MS should I choose to achieve a faster time?
How about the weapon? Which custom parts should I use?
With these excitements, I hope you enjoy the process of conquering various battles!
I think guides and walk through might be popping up soon, but as this is a mode where you can play alone, I think it is fun to explore on your own, so please try various things!
(Someday, time attack with unit or cost restriction would be interesting…)
As Spring comes with a new start in life, thank you for your continuous support on Battle Operation 2!
– Development Director, Kanbe