Regarding "Battle Simulator"

■[PDT] 3/23/2020 7:30
 [CET] 3/23/2019 15:30
■What is “Battle Simulator”?
It is a “Battle Simulation” where you fight against MS piloted by AI in various situations.
There are 3 types in “Battle Simulator”. “TRIAL” mode where you can test drive MS, “SURVIVAL” mode where waves of enemy MS will rush straight at you, and “BOSS” mode where you fight against titanic MS.
Additionally, you can earn rewards by achieving the fastest times in the “Time Attack Function”.
■How to play “Battle Simulator”
1. Talk to “Patrick Curtis” in the base camp, under sortie reception, select the mission you want to play.
2. Select mission sortie and select “Solo Play” or “Multiplayer”.
⇒ In Multiplayer, you can invite friends and play together with up to two friends.
  • *In Solo Play, you will be supported by 2 AIs.
  • *In case there are only two players in Multiplayer mode, the remaining player will be an AI.
3.Let’s get yourself ready in the sortie preparation room and get into the mission!
⇒ In Battle Simulator, missions are completed by completing the phases set for each mission.
4.Challenge Time Attack!
⇒ In Battle Simulator, the clear time is recorded upon clearing the mission.
⇒ Complete your missions quickly, aim for good time record and earn your rewards.
  • *In future updates, ranking function is planned to be implemented to allow player to check their Time Attack status.
  • *The number of sorties and MS destroyed in Battle Simulator are not counted as completions of various missions.
■Mission types
・In this mission, you are to sortie with appointed MS and destroy your TARGET.
1.You are able to rent the appointed MS for sortie
⇒ There is a restriction to the choice of MS that can be used for sortie in “TRIAL” mode, but if you do not own the MS, you are able to rent them.
⇒ Rented MS cannot be customized or painted.
  • *In case if you already own the rented MS, you are able to customize it.
2.Complete the conditions of each phase and defeat your TARGET to complete the mission
⇒ ”TARGET” will appear after you clear certain conditions specified for each phase, such as destroying a certain number of enemy MS, etc.
⇒ Once you destroy the “TARGET”, the mission will complete regardless of whether or not there are remaining enemy MS.
・In this mission, you are to destroy a specified number of enemy MS rushing towards you.
1.The mission is completed by destroying a specified number of enemy MS
⇒ The phase will advance as you destroy the specified number of enemy MS in each phase, and the mission will be completed once you destroyed the specified number of enemy MS in the final phase.
・In this mission, you are will battle the BOSS that appears in the final phase.
1.Complete the conditions of each phase and defeat the BOSS to complete the mission
⇒ The “BOSS” will appear after clearing the conditions specified in each phase, such as destroying a certain number of enemy MS.
⇒ Once the “BOSS” is defeated, the mission will complete regardless of whether or not there are remaining enemy MS.
■Unique features of “Battle Simulator”
The following are the differences between the regular matching play and Battle Simulator mission.
■Regarding Infantry
In Battle Simulator, you cannot act as an infantry during a mission.
■MS Repair
In Battle Simulator, MS repair is done by “crouching or lying down” on the ground and “staying put” in space.
■Respawning after being destroyed
If you are destroyed by an enemy MS during a mission, you will immediately respawn at the designated point for each mission.
There is no limit on the number of respawns, and you can challenge the mission as many times as you want within the time limit.
■Regarding the “OPTIONS button” input during a mission
◎Solo Play
The mission will pause by pressing the OPTIONS button and you can select “Restart Mission” or “Return to Sortie Preparation Room”.
The mission will pause when the OPTIONS button is pressed by the host and “Return to Sortie Preparation Room” can be selected.
⇒ If the host pauses the mission, the other pilots will also be paused.
  • *In Multiplayer mode, if the mission remained paused for a certain period of time, the pause will be canceled automatically and you will return to the battle screen.