[Development Newsletter] Updates in Late December

■[PST] 12/23/2019 4:00
 [CET] 12/23/2019 13:00
Hello pilots! This is Kanbe, the Development Director.
On 14th December, the very first event in Osaka, “Battle Operation Offline Event in Osaka”was held.
Thank you very much for your participation!
Thanks to everyone, we had a very exciting event!
Although the development team had put in a lot of work to prep the event, what we ended up with was beyond our wildest expectations. Combining the joy of coming face to face and playing with other fans of the game with an atmosphere focused on fun, everyone had a blast!
Once again, thank you to everyone for making this event an exciting one!
I think that there were a lot of people who were excited and wanted to go to this event, but were unable to attend because of travel and timing issues, so we presented all pilots with 10 tokens in commemoration of the event.
Please accept our humble offering, and please keep on playing Battle Operation 2! (Let your friends know too!)
Well then, on to the content update for this month.
■The date for the main event, Clan Matches, has been decided!
On November 29th (Fri), we conducted a beta test for Clan Matches. Even though it was only a beta test, more than 100 clans participated in the test and we are extremely grateful for their participation!
Based on the results of the beta test, we will make some adjustments to the specifications of the Clan Matches, so that more clans can participate and so that it is even more fun to play.
*Please click HERE for the previous development newsletter regarding Clan Matches.
・Made it easier to obtain the Clan Match MS rewards
The Clan Match MS reward will be replaced with a new one every 2 months (with the previous ones included in the Supply Drop).
However, the number of clans that are eligible to acquire the MS will increase with every round of the event as the requirements to obtain the MS will be reduced accordingly.
Clan Match Ranking Conditions to obtain the clan match’s MS reward
1st – 2nd commencement 3rd – 4th commencement 5th – 6th commencement 7th commencement forward
1st – 3rd
4th – 10th ×
11th – 40th × ×
41st – 100th × × ×
・Change in event period
To make it easier to remember, event period was set with fixed schedules. However, due to that schedule, some clans may not be able to participate. Therefore, the event period will be switched in the following three patterns.
Pattern 1: [PST] Saturday, 4:00 – 6:00 / [CET] 13:00 – 15:00
Pattern 2: [PST] Saturday, 20:00 – 22:00 / [CET] Sunday, 5:00 – 7:00
Pattern 3: [PST] Monday, 4:00 – 6:00 / [CET] 13:00 – 15:00
We hope you can find a time for all of your clan members to participate in one of the above event windows.
・Variations in the number of participating players
Initially, the number of participating players was fixed at [6 vs 6], but variations of [4 vs 4] and [5 vs 5] will be added to some events.
Since the standard for a clan match is [6 vs 6], it was difficult for smaller groups to participate. We believe these adjustments will make it so that even smaller groups can participate.
・Latest event schedule
Based on the above changes, the schedule for the main event will be as follows.
(We will keep you up to date with weekly info going forward)
Period Rules COST MAP Participants No.
1st Round [PST] 12/21/2019 (SAT) 4:00 – 5:59
[CET] 12/21/2019 (SAT) 13:00 – 14:59
Basic 450 Impact Site 6 vs 6
2nd Round [PST] 12/30/2019 (MON) 4:00 – 5:59
[CET] 12/30/2019 (MON) 13:00 – 14:59
Ace Match 500 Deserted City 5 vs 5
3rd Round [PST] 1/4/2020 (SAT) 4:00 – 5:59
[CET] 1/4/2020 (SAT) 13:00 – 14:59
Simple Battle 550 Tropical Desert 4 vs 4
4th Round [PST] 1/11/2020 (SAT) 20:00 – 21:59
[CET] 1/12/2020 (SUN) 5:00 – 6:59
Target Shuffling 450 City Ruins 6 vs 6
Please join us!
■Rank Match (3rd Round)
While Clan Matches is a ranking event for a group of participants, here is a notice regarding the individual ranking event, the Rank Matches.
In previous Rank Matches, the daily obtainable RP (rank points) was calculated only from your top 3 battles of the day regardless of how many times a player went into battle in that day.
However, in order to secure a higher-ranking position in the global ranking, eventually, players went for dozens of battles per day to achieve best possible outcome.
Moreover, every time you wanted to sortie for a battle, without knowing whether or not your battle record is up to date, it sometimes became a frustrating experience, therefore we made some adjustments to fix this problem.
・Implementation of a limit on the number of times you can sortie per day
In the 3rd Rank Match, the number of possible sorties per day is limited 10 sorties.
By putting a limit on the number of daily sorties, it makes it impossible to use the method of producing good results by going into dozens of battles and focuses more on the pilots’ skills to maintain good scores within a small number of playable battles.
We have anticipated some possible problems arising from the implementation of this limit, such as an increasing number of participants leaving after a team formation just before the battle start, making it impossible to start the battle, as well as an increasing number of participants leaving in-game when the situation is not in their favor. As we want to prevent Rank Matches from this sort of abuse, we have increased the penalty level for the above conduct.
In particular, when leaving after the start of the battle, the remaining number of daily possible sorties will still be reduced, and it will worsen your penalty status.
Please do not leave during the battle.
With regard to team formation, it is highly understandable that everyone wants to be on their ideal team, but if there are a lot of players leaving after the team formation without any regards to everyone else, the game will not be able to commence.
Whatever the team formation ends up being, whether or not there is a skilled pilot in your team, everyone is given equal opportunity to sortie into battle. We really hope that everyone can take advantage of this limited opportunity and aim for the top, while still having a fun time with the game.
We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation.
*Same as always, when your withdrawal status = GOOD, there will be no penalty, such as being unable to sortie if you choose to leave after team formation before the game starts. However, please keep in mind if your withdrawal status = CAUTION…
・Slight reduction to the upper limit of obtainable RP from team score
With the implementation of a limit to the number of daily possible sorties, the upper limit of RP obtainable from team score is slightly easier to achieve.
Rank Match (2nd round): upper limit of RP obtainable from team score = 1000RP (score 20000)
*COST 350 limit

Rank Match (3rd round): upper limit of RP obtainable from team score = 1000RP (score 20000)
*COST 500 limit
Since achieving the RP upper limit varies according to the “COST limit” during the event, it is numerically the same as previous RP upper limit, but now it is easier to reach the upper limit in this 3rd commencement.
・About the 3rd Rank Match schedule
With some other adjustments, the 3rd Rank Match will commence on the following schedule.
■Rank Match (3rd Round) Entry Period
[PST] 12/18/2019 21:00 – 12/27/2019 6:59 [Scheduled]
[CET] 12/19/2019 6:00 – 12/27/2019 15:59 [Scheduled]
■Rank Match (3rd Round) Event Period
[PST] 12/26/2019 17:00 – 12/29/2019 6:59 [Scheduled]
[CET] 12/27/2019 2:00 – 12/29/2019 15:59 [Scheduled]
Previous event was 7 days → This time around, the event period has been shortened to 3 days.
Please join us in the last weekend, the last 3 days at the end of 2019!
■New Rule: “Mix-Up”
Now, we are introducing a new type of rule!
It is called the “Mix-Up”!!
The concept of this rule is to let units with various cost range gather and play together in a mixed battle.
Cost-restricted battle is without a doubt an exciting feature in Battle Operation, because it makes players choose and use various mobile suits on the battlefield. However, with this new rule, which will certainly mix up to any tactics and strategies thus far, has the following special features.
★Feature #1 – Eat away at the enemy’s power gauge!
Unlike previous battles which focused on the accumulation of score, in this battle players will wear away the opposing team’s pre-determined Power Gauge (initial value: 16,000) by destroying enemies. The first team to reduce the power gauge of the opposing team to 0 will be victorious.
As “Score” is the condition to achieve victory, a battle could be over in a flash if the team is strong.
★Feature #2 – Damage risk increases with the usage of high cost units!
This is the distinguishing characteristic, the main reason for it to be called the “Mix-Up”.
he higher the unit COST, the greater the damage to the Power Gauge will be when it is destroyed.
Unit COST Damage to power gauge
COST 100 Power gauge -100
COST 150 Power gauge -200
COST 200 Power gauge -300
COST 250 Power gauge -400
COST 300 Power gauge -500
COST 350 Power gauge -600
COST 400 Power gauge -700
COST 450 Power gauge -800
COST 500 Power gauge -900
COST 550 Power gauge -1000
With the destruction of a unit with the highest possible COST of 550, the toll will be the damage equivalent of 10 units with the lowest possible COST of 100.
Additionally, the same “assist score” calculation is in place as before, where the assist score given to the enemy varies in correlation with the total cost of the team. This means that a team formation with high COST units is not necessarily strong. ↓ Speaking of which, the cost of the opposing team’s units are always displayed at the top of the screen.
★Feature #3 – the last hit will be a big FINISH!
At the end of the battle, a FINISH message will be shown!
The last hitter will be displayed on all pilots’ screen as the FINISHER.
Moreover, when you just have to defeat one more enemy unit to finish the game, a [FINISH] icon will be displayed on top of the MS, increasing the tension!
★Feature #4 – Updated TOP battle result factors, reducing the impact of COST
In a battle with low COST units, the following battle result factors have been implemented so that everyone has the opportunity to become the TOP regardless of COST.
≪ Battle Score ≫
[Individual Score] – [Score taken by enemies]
will be the basis for calculation for the estimation of ≪ Battle Score ≫
With its nature of high risk and high reward, using high COST units is not necessarily advantageous.
*With the implementation of the above system, ≪Damage Given≫ is removed from the factors affecting the team TOP battle results in Mix-Up.
≪ Pursuit Prevention ≫
Calculation of successful “Pursuit Prevention” actions to support allies.
Even with the difficulties of dealing damage with low COST units, staggering or downing enemies will be counted as important contributions. Even in test play during development, GM Trainers often achieved the TOP Pursuit Prevention.
*With the implementation of the above, ≪Divisionary Move≫ is also removed from the aspects of team TOP battle results in Mix-Up.
All right, pilots, that will be all.
We had participants try out the early trial during the Battle Operation Offline Event in Osaka the other day, and every match was very exciting!
To begin with, Mix-Up will be added as a weekend limited battle!
As an aside, the following weekend limited battles,
・Simple Battle
・Target Shuffling
will be playable through Custom Matches from the next update.
■Closing Words
The above new updates that have been introduced, including the new rule, has been released on December 19th.
Only a week left towards the end of 2019. This will be the last development newsletter for this year.
I am very glad that many people have enjoyed playing Battle Operation 2 this year.
There will be new gameplay with the update on Thursday this week, so please enjoy Battle Operation 2 throughout the end of the year.
In addition, there is one more thing I would like to say.
Regarding the weekly update at 14:00, which has been a regular event since the release of the game, we apologize but there will be no new update on 2020/1/2 (Thu).
As you know, January 2nd is the beginning of the year and is a public holiday. It would be really difficult to have an update as usual at this time of day……
…So for Battle Operation 2, Instead of January 2nd…
We will update the game at [JST] 0:00 on January 1st, ahead of our normal schedule!
(I just wanted to say it out loud, there’s no deep meaning in it!)
Isn’t it suitable for the first thing in the new year? The 2020 Battle Operation 2 will begin along with that update, so please look forward to it!
Please enjoy Battle Operation 2 throughout the end and beginning of the year!
- Development Director, Kanbe