Schedule of the Next Update File

■[PST] 02/21/2024 01:00
■[CET] 02/21/2024 10:00

The application update has been scheduled as below.

■Update File Launch Date
[PST] 02/21/2024 21:00 [Scheduled]
[CET] 02/22/2024 06:00 [Scheduled]
■Main content
・New MAP “Ravine”
・Changes about MS movement action near or in the water field
・Unit adjustment
■Developer Newsletter of the Update
[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the Update of February
  • ※Due to the capability of different users environment, the update files will be able to be downloaded before the actual launch time.
  • ※Please keep in mind that once you updated GBO2 with the downloaded files, you will unable to login until the actual launch time of the application update.
  • ※Also, we hope you could understand that there is a possibility of any update schedule changes.