Application Data Update

■[PDT] 06/28/2023 22:00
■[CEST] 06/29/2023 07:00
“Pre-5th Anniversary Festival” announcement
Starting from [PDT] 06/28/2023 / [CEST] 06/29/2023, “Pre-5th Anniversary Festival” will begin.
First part:
[PDT] 06/28/2023 22:00 – 07/12/2023 21:59 [Scheduled]
[CEST] 06/29/2023 07:00 – 07/13/2023 06:59 [Scheduled]

Second part:
[PDT] 07/12/2023 22:00 – 07/26/2023 21:59 [Scheduled]
[CEST] 07/13/2023 07:00 – 07/27/2023 06:59 [Scheduled]
Pre-5th Anniversary Festival” 1st: “Locus of the Federation’s White Devil” is starting today!
※For more details, please click here.

■Application Data Update
■Supply Drop Lineup Update Notice
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■“RX-93ff Nu Gundam” guaranteed STEP UP Supply Drop Notice
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■July 2023 Premium Login Bonus
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■New Materials for exchange are added to Recycle Counter.
⇒ Information about newly added materials
  • ■Unit
  • ★★Rick Dom (Stutzer) LV2 added
  • ※The materials mentioned above will be available at Recycle Counter for 2 days, from [JST] 06/29/2023 – 06/30/2022.
  • ■Mark
  • ★★RX-93ff ν GUNDAM added
■New Materials for exchange are added to DP exchange Counter.
⇒ Information about newly added materials
  • ■Unit
  • ★★★Zeta Plus C1 LV3 added
  • ★★Jeda LV1–2 added
■Rating Match/Quick Match Game Modes have been updated.
※There may be differences in the game mode with the information above, which was introduced during the previous update regarding [Available Game Modes].

■Weekly Weekend Battle Schedule
Weekend Battle Schedule Special Rules
[PDT] 06/29/2023 12:00 – 06/30/2023 11:59
[CEST] 06/29/2023 21:00 – 06/30/2023 20:59
“Mix-Up”, “Simple Battle”, “Shuffle Target”,
“Brawl Match”, “Duel Match”
will be held every two hours.
[PDT] 06/30/2023 12:00 – 07/01/2023 11:59
[CEST] 06/30/2023 21:00 – 07/01/2023 20:59
[PDT] 07/01/2023 12:00 – 07/02/2023 11:59
[CEST] 07/01/2023 21:00 – 07/02/2023 20:59
■Next Clan Match Schedule
Please refer, here for the next Clan Match schedule and reward collection period.
For an overview of the Clan Match, please refer here.
■Update for Clan Match reward MS!
New reward MS for Clan Match is available from July 2023.
■New MS
・★ GM Ground Type [WR] (General Unit, ground use only, cost:250)
  • ■Mobile Suit Features
  • ・General Unit with Cost of 250.
  • ・A support variation of the GM Ground Type.
  • ・It comes attached with a large weapon rack on the back which increased its weight reduces overall mobility, but this allows it easier to carry large weaponry into battle.
    The standard loadout includes a Yashima Heavy Industries portable prototype 180mm cannon and a container-style missile launcher. These weapons make it an all-purpose MS with support fire capabilities that rival typical support units.
  • ・Can only be deployed on the Ground.
  • ※Since the lineup has been updated, “Condition of claiming Clan Match reward MS” has been reset as well.
    For more details, please click here.
  • Regarding on how to update the application, please click here.

■Additional announcement of image for “Pre-5th Anniversary Festival”
We have confirmed the logo design on the Monitor Space in Basecamp was incorrect which is for campaign “Pre-5th Anniversary Festival” since [JST] 06/29/2023.
Please note that the campaign logo shown in the information is the correct design.
We apologize for all inconvenience caused to all pilots.
※There is no changes on ALL information announcement of campaign content.