Features and Campaign details for fresh new pilots🔰!

■[PST] 03/15/2023 21:00
■[CET] 03/16/2023 06:00
We have a bunch of useful functions and bonus for fresh new pilots in GBO2!
Such as “Start dash” period and “New pilot login bonus”,
don’t forget to finish the “Directives” and get left those rewards behind! Have fun in GBO2!
■Newbie Tip ①
  • The very first week in GBO2 is your “Start dash” period!
    In this week, you will have a rocket boost by battle reward and different bonus!
⇒ For more details, please click here.
■Newbie Tip ②
  • Second, “New pilot login bonus”!
    Let login GBO2 everyday and claim up to 30 tokens!
    You can use tokens in Supply Drops to get new weapons and MSs!
  • ※”New pilot login bonus” is only for the fresh new pilots.
  • ※The bonus period last 20 days from the first login to GBO2. New pilots have to login 13 days during the period to gain 30 tokens.
  • ※The bonus will no longer able to be claim after 20 days even pilots didn’t claim the tokens.
■Newbie Tip ③
  • Attention all fresh ins! Finishing “Directives” will be your first mission!
    You will learn how to play GBO2 and get incredible rewards when you finish them!
⇒ For more details, please click here.
■Newbie Tip ④
  • “Limited Time STEP UP Flashback!!” now online!
    You will have a chance to obtain those removed MS from the Supply Drop list.
⇒ For more details about this STEP UP, please click here.
  • ※MS available in this Supply Drop can be obtained through the DP Exchange Counter and Recycle Ticket Counter.