HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Campaign Notice

■[PDT] 10/26/2022 22:00
■[CET] 10/27/2022 06:00
Beginning from [PDT] 10/26/2022 / [CET] 10/27/2022, “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!” Campaign will begin.
■Campaign Period
[PDT] 10/26/2022 22:00 – 11/09/2022 21:59 [Scheduled]
[CET] 10/27/2022 06:00 – 11/10/2022 05:59 [Scheduled]
■Campaign Contents
During the campaign, Base Camp will be filled with Halloween Items.
Also, Limited to Halloween only “Special Supply Drop”, “Limited Time Missions”, “Container Recon Team Campaign” will be implemented.
1.Base Camp with Halloween Spirit!
During the campaign period, the base camp will be all in Halloween, the characters at each facility will be dressed up in various costumes.
Happy Halloween to all pilots, please do enjoy!
2.Limited to Halloween! Special Supply Drop!
During the campaign, we will hold a Special Supply Drop (1 time / 3 tokens) that can be requested only once a day.
Within the Special Supply Drop 1 Guaranteed MS from the newest Line-up will be obtainable!
※Regarding the Special Supply Drop, please check here.
3. “Autumn Limited Time Missions” are available!
Special Limited Time Missions will be issued during the campaign period.
Mission Rewards will be accessories that are limited to Halloween, or New Unit “Z Gundam [Zaku Head] LV1”!
・★★ Z Gundam [Zaku Head] LV1 (General Unit, Ground/Space Use, Cost: 550)
  • ■Mobile Suit Features
  • ・General Unit With Cost of 550.
  • ・In order to return the Z Gundam that head part was damaged in battle, he used the know-how of a junk shop and forcibly connected the head of a adrift Zaku, so that it can be brought back to the frontline as soon as possible.
  • ・Although it has lost its greatest advantage as a TMS, and its Tactical Range has been narrowed, its combat capability is adequate thanks to the performance of the base machine.
  • ・Can be deployed both on the Ground and in Space.
  • ※Limited to Halloween Accessories can only be used with the Base Camp as Pilot equipments.
  • ※The following items that appeared in the past Halloween Campaigns can also be obtained as mission rewards.
  • ■Pilot Accessories
  • ・★★★ Pumpkin Mask 01
  • ・★★★ Pumpkin Mask 02
  • ・★★  Mask: Dullahan
  • ・★★  Arm-Hugging Gogg
  • ・★★  Halloween Lantern 01
  • ■Marks
  • ・★★ Jack the Halloween <A>
  • ・★★ Jack the Halloween <J>
4. “Container Recon Team Campaign” Implemented!
During the campaign, the container discovery rate after the battle ends will be increased from the normal 10% to 25%.
    • ※Up to 2 containers per day can be discovered.
    • ※If you have been awarded a Premium Medal the number of containers you can discover per day will increase due to the effect of the Medal.
    • ※Daily update will be implemented 5:00 AM [JST].
    • ※If the leaver status is [PENALTY Lv1] or above, container rewards cannot be found.