[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the Update of Late July

■[PDT] 07/26/2022 02:00
■[CET] 07/26/2022 10:00
■4th Anniversary of GBO2!
Hello to all Pilots! I’m Development Director Ota, and I don’t like Summer.
This month is July…which means, GBO2 celebrates its fourth anniversary!
Last month was crazy, due to series’ 10th anniversary and with this month’s 4th anniversary, bu I am happy for two celebrations in a row!
And, we’re celebrating our fourth-anniversary thanks to you, Pilots!
I know that I tell you this every year, but it is important, Thank you so much for your support.
 To express our gratitude, we will hold a 4th anniversary event just like we did previously,…but,
This time, it would be a slightly different kind of announcement, first of all let’s talk about “Duel Match”.
■Implementing “Duel Match” a small-group rule specialized for MS Battles!
“Duel Match” is…
focused on MS battles by a small number of players, which occurs locally in multiplayer battles, namely Basic rule.
Various new gameplay elements are added, with no infantry battle element and the cooperative & follow-up elements with a large number of people.
Well then, lets introduce the main rules.
Feature 1: “2vs2” or “1vs1” small-group matches specialized in MS battles
・As mentioned previously, rules are specialized for small group of MS battles such as “2vs2” or “1vs1”.
Therefore, rules allow players to concentrate on the battle itself, rather than blowing up bases, occupying relay points or doing support bombardments.
Feature 2: Win by reducing your enemies “Haro Points” to Zero
・At the beginning of the battle, each team member is given “Haro Points” which are reduced by one point when a MS is destroyed.
(Or, to put it simply, “leftovers.”)
The game is won when all the points of the enemy team members are reduced to zero within the time limit or when your teams points are reduced to zero.
Plus, if the time limit ends with a tie, the result will be a draw.
・In 2v2, even if one player’s Haro Point is reduced to zero, he/she can launch again with half of the maximum aircraft HP if his/her ally still has some points left.
Therefore you can pursue the player with the remaining points, or you can aim for a quick attack, and participate in the battle until the very end of the game, so even if your points reach zero, don’t give up and fight until the end!
Feature 3: Find the right moment to stagger with the “Stun Gauge”
・The “stagger accumulation value” is normally an invisible parameter that is also used in other rules.
The reason for making them invisible is that too many displays in a multiplayer battle may interfere with the battle, increasing the amount of information to be aware of during the battle, making it difficult to concentrate.
However, Duel Match is a small-group match, with rules to allow the players to concentrate only on the MS battle.
Therefore, we decided to add this display only for this rule as a new game feature that allows the player to check the status of enemy Unit as well.
Information display will give you a wider range of your options in battle, such as “If the enemy’s stagger value has been accumulated, attack with the intention of taking damage to make the enemy stagger,” etc.
Please use this feature!
These are the main features. In addition,
・MAP will be specialized for Duel Match
・MS Category that can participate are decided
and for other rules regarding this game mode, please check the information to be released at a later date for details.
Rules will be open for Quick Match and Custom Match on [PDT] 07/27/2022 / [CET] 07/28/2022, so be sure to participate!
※From [PDT] 07/27/2022 / [CET] 07/28/2022, it is scheduled to be limited in Quick Match Mode for 1 Month, and future schedule is not yet decided.
■Last but not least,
Update that are introduced above, will be implemented on [PDT] 07/27/2022 22:00 / [CET] 07/28/2022 06:00.
And now, an announcement about the 4th Anniversary event.
As I mentioned a bit at the beginning, sorry for the delay but the event details will have to wait a bit!
A commercial will be shown for the first time Tuesday, 07/26 from 23:15 to 24:15[JST] on TV Asahi’s “London Hearts,”, and starting with the release of this TV commercial, information about the event will be released in the information section of the website.
In order to let more people know about the GBO2″s 4th anniversary, the TV Commercial will act as a Drill Sergeant.
The program will be broadcasted late on a weekday evening, so stay tuned!
(Development Director: Ota)