[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the Update of Late March

■[PDT] 03/29/2022 02:00
■[CET] 03/29/2022 10:00
■First of all
Greeting to all pilots! I am Development Director Ōta.
Three months have already passed in the year 2022, and the temperature has gradually become pleasantly warm and sunny.
Sakura trees have also begun to bloom, and it makes me feel that real-deal Spring has come at last these days, how are things on your side?
By the way, by the Developer Newsletter of last year’s March
>There were around 230 units! And, more than 80 units have already entered the competition by then!
As I mentioned, as of the end of March 2022, the number of playable units have exceeded 300 units!
Added around 70 machines in one year…that’s quite an impact when you look at it again.
However when choices increase so much, apart from the Veteran pilots, new pilots have difficulties like “Which MS is best to operate?”
This time, I would like to make modifications to include such follow-up.
Well then, I”ll be introducing this month’s several updates
■New MS “Zaku IV  (IP)”、 will join the fray soon!
“Mobile Suit Moon Gundam”‘s “Zaku IV (IP)” will appear as a new Raid Type Unit MS with Cost of 700!
It is a specialized unit with a large, conspicuous Heat Hawk and also equipped with a funnel-mounted unit.
Also, Unit’s (IP) name is abbreviation for “Illia Pazom” that appears in “Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ”.
<Unit Introduction>
・Raid unit of “700” Cost, deployable to “Ground/Space”, originated from “Mobile Suit Moon Gundam”
・Based on the commander’s unit of the Zaku IV, variation of the Zaku III developed by the Axis,
It is a dedicated MS for Illia Pazom, equipped with additional equipment for higher mobility and Psycommu weapons.
・Zaku IV was modified while reviewing the shortcomings of the Zaku III.
Although it has not achieved extreme performance improvements, basic performance has been comprehensively enhanced.
・This machine is based on the commander-spec Zaku IV, and the tail option is
converted to a unit with high mobility and psycho-computer armament called the Princess equipment.
It handles large armaments for close combat and special funnels that can also operate live ammunition.
In terms of armament, it has acquired quite unique characteristics.
“Sub Weapon” Funnel ×2 [Bombing]
Unique Psycommu Weapon that shoots loaded shells.
※This video may not be representative of the actual product.
■All Missions of Battle Simulator are updated!
With the March update, all missions of Battle Simulator have been updated.
■TRIAL “March on! Warrior Princess of the Great Axe”
TRIAL is a mission that allows you to test drive and play with an unowned MS.
By this mission theme is the fight with a MS that appears on “Mobile Suit Gundam”,
“Zaku IV (IP) that shall soon appear in the game will be playable!
MS that will appear by the mission basically will be this year’s MS of (Jedah, Rick Diaz, RS-Jarja).
Also, because of Zaku IV (IP)’s hover ability, which requires unique maneuvering and standing with enormous axe and funnels
players will able to experience these features will participating in this mission.
■SURVIVAL “Lost Project”
A mission, by the players destroy endless MS, SURVIVAL.
In MS development, many plans (projects) were drawn up and operated, but they were suspended or sealed for various reasons.
In addition, there are some MS that were never officially adopted.
The theme of this mission is a simulation of combat with the MS created by such a project.
Please enjoy the battle with an unusual units.
■BOSS “Twin Shadows Dancing into the Void”
BOSS, as the name implies, is a mission aimed at destroying bosses (giant MS, MA, etc.).
Series of battles between “Alpha Azieru” and “Quin Mantha,” which have appeared in past BOSS battles.
Both bosses are much larger than the normal MS size and are equipped with high attack capabilities, including Psycommu weapons.
In addition, the bosses are surrounded by MS escorting them, blocking their attacks.
It is up to the player to decide whether to avoid them and concentrate on attacking only the boss, or to destroy the surrounding MS without fail.
■Last but not least,
Update contents that I’ve introduced so far are scheduled to be implemented on [PDT] 03/30/2022/ [CET] 03/31/2022.
Please join us on the day, and last but not least, an announcement!
GBO Spring Festival 2022 will begin! It’s already a tradition (by the way, the Zaku IV (IP) will be the face icon this year). Details will be announced separately, but the program will include Special Supply Drops, exclusive missions, and other content-wise rich, weekly fun.
At the same time, “New & Returning Soldiers Welcome Campaign”will also be held.
And “which MS should I operate” question that I mentioned at the beginning,
In order to help newcomers by this problem “Recommended MS for new pilots” display feature will be added,
“The number of MS that new recruits can exchange at the DP window will be increased to “more than 60”.
Please invite your friends and acquaintances to join us and enjoy the Spring Festival with us!
Please wait for the next update.
(Development Director: Ōta)