GBO Spring Festival ④ New & Returning Soldiers Welcome Campaign

■[PDT] 03/30/2022 22:00
■[CET] 03/31/2022 06:00
Starting from the [PDT] 03/30/2022 22:00 /[CET] 03/31/2022 06:00, GBO Spring Festival④ “New & Returning Soldiers Welcome Campaign” will start.
■Campaign Period
[PDT] 03/30/2022 22:00 ~ 04/27/2022 21:59 [CET] 03/31/2022 06:00 ~ 04/28/2022 05:59 [Scheduled]
■Campaign Contents
During the campaign, all the new soldiers that started GBO2 within 14 days and all Returning Soldiers that haven’t logged in for more than 45 days, will be eligible for this campaign.
  • 1. Basic EXP, CP Rewards will be 5x, and DP will be 10x.
  • 2. When they are deployed to the battle for 3 times Research Team’s Container Discovery Rate will be 100%
  • For the pilots who currently play GBO2
    when they participate with new & returning soldiers 3 times, Research Team’s Container Discovery Rate will increase to 100%
  • ※2 containers can be discovered each day.
  • ※If players have Premium War Merit Badge, the daily container discovery rate will increase.
  • ※Daily update will be, 5:00 AM every day. [JST]
  • ※If players have Leaver Status 【PENALTY LV1】 or above, they won’t be able to discover containers for the time being.
  • ※All the new soldiers who started the game within 14 days or returning soldiers that didn’t log in for more than 45 days by the update time of [PDT] 03/30/2022 22:00 / [CET] 03/31/2022 06:00 will be affected.
  • ※Any player that will be affected by this campaign will receive a message regarding the campaign.