Supply Drop Lineup "Enhanced ZZ Gundam" Notice

■[PST] 03/02/2022 21:00
■[CET] 03/03/2022 06:00
Supply Drop Line has been updated.
■Supply Drop Period
[PST] 03/02/2022 21: 00 ~ [PST] 03/09/2022 20: 30 / [CET] 03/03/2022 06: 00 ~ [CET] 03/10/2022 05:30 [Scheduled]
■Added New Materials
・★★★★ ZZ Gundam LV1 (Raid Type, Ground/Space Use, Cost: 700)
  • ※Above MS is the monthly MS Bonus .
  • ※About the monthly bonus MS, click here.
  • ■Mobile Suit Features
  • ・Raid Type with the cost of 700
  • ・Aiming to achieve the ultimate in firepower for an MS, the ZZ Gundam is a fourth-generation MS equipped with a merging transformation mechanism, and its basic capabilities have been raised to battle-ready specifications.
  • ・Although there are few changes in appearance from the base machine, it has received enhancements such as increased generator output and a larger backpack, resulting in an overall improvement in performance.
  • ・It has no shortage of performance as an assault machine, including mobility, and can respond to a variety of battle situations by using its shooting armament that mixes beams and live ammunition, as well as its “Heavy Attack” skill for combat attacks.
※This video may not be representative of the actual product.
※Keep that in mind that the release time of the unit is scheduled.
■Exclusive Pilot item as a Bonus for the 10 Consecutive Supply Drops!
Beginning from [PST] 03/02/2022 21: 00 / [CET] 03/03/2022 06:00,
1 random exclusive pilot item as a bonus from 10 consecutive drops .
■Supply Drop with Bonus Items Period
[PST] 03/02/2022 21: 00 ~ [PST] 03/09/2022 20:30 / [CET] 03/03/2022 06: 00 ~ [CET] 03/10/2022 05:30 [Scheduled]
■Supply Drop with Bonus Items
Normal 10-consecutive Supply Drops
■Bonus Item Contents (get 1 of the 2 items randomly listed below)/dt>
  • ■Wear
  • Normal Suit: AEUG 05
  • ■Accessory
  • Helmet: AEUG 05
  • ※Requesting 10-Consecutive Supply Drops during the campaign will grant you an additional 11th supply drop, which will award 1 random item.
  • ※Does NOT apply to the 1-Attempt Supply Drop. The bonus item will not be awarded even if you request the 1-Attempt Supply Drop ten times in row.
■Removed Materials from the Supply Drop
Some materials are removed from the supply drop lineup.  ※For details, click here.
  • ※For more information regarding the updated supply drop lineup, please refer to the 【Supply Drop List】.

■[Big Boost to Supply Drop Rates Campaign] Notice
Some of the newly added materials will have a boost to their supply drop rates for a limited time.
■Big Boost to Supply Drop Rates Period
[PST] 03/02/2022 21: 00 ~ [PST] 03/09/2022 20:30 / [CET] 03/03/2022 06: 00 ~ [CET] 03/10/2022 05:30 [Scheduled]
■Featured material that will benefit from the Big Boost to it’s Supply Rate
・★★★★ Enhanced ZZ Gundam LV1 (Raid Type, Ground/Space Use, Cost: 700)
■Supply Drops that will benefit from Big Boost to Supply Rates
・Normal Supply Drop
  • ※After the campaign, the supply drop rate will be the same as other materials.