[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the Update of Late February

■ [PST] 02/22/2022 01:00
■ [CET] 02/22/2022 10:00
■ First of all
Dear Pilots, good work for your efforts! I’m Ishii of the Development Team.
Today I’ll be reporting the developer newsletter.
The calendar says it’s nearly spring, but the difference in temperature between mornings and evenings continues to be severe.
A pilot’s body is his temple! Please take care of your selves.
Well then, we’ll keep you updated on events, information about new MS, and more this month!
New MS “EWAC Jegan” is scheduled to enter!
First of all, I’d like to go ahead and introduce you to the new MS you’ve been waiting for!
“EWAC Jegan” from “Mobile Suit Gundam UC” will enter the battlefield!
Here are the settings and performance ahead of the official release.
・ Source: “Mobile Suit Gundam UC”, sortie restriction “ground / space”, cost “550” General Unit
・ A variation of the Jegan D-type equipped with an early warning unit for reconnaissance missions
・ Equipped with two types of secondary armament that can put enemy aircraft into a spot state (sharing enemy aircraft information with allies)
・ Also causes spotting and radar failure at regular intervals for a certain amount of time after the weapon is used. Sensor Unit [Area] as equipped, can be expected to provide excellent combat support with its outstanding electronic warfare capabilities even though it is General Unit
・ As its main mission is reconnaissance, it does not have many weapons to attack but as a variation of the Jegan, which has high general unit specialties, it can also adapt itself to battles with fierce combat
・ While forming artillery barrages from mid and close range EWAC Jegan can also hold its own in melee battle with it’s two different weapons and sub-weapons
* This video may not be representative of the actual product.
<Weapon Description>
MS equipped with “Sensor Unit [Area]”, and changed weapon. Head part is quite big, right?
Let’s talk about the performance of this weapon then!
* This video may not be representative of the actual product.
Feature. By using this weapon, it blocks spots or radar temporarily.
・ There is also support unit “Eye-Zack”
that can block spots temporarily with it’s “Recon Sensor [AOE]” but, this unit’s “Sensor Unit [Area]” is showing it’s affect until
the heat percentage gauge goes overheating .
Of course once during the dispatch it’s possible to change it’s weapons too!
While performing the general unit purpose as mentioned above, it can also dispatch with overwhelming abilities as a MS that can adapt to different situations.
■ “Custom Parts Auto-Equip” Feature Implemented!
In accordance with the system that focuses on Custom Parts, auto-equip feature has been implemented!
Let’s try Auto-Equip Feature by using it on the “EWAC Jegan” which I introduced just now!
First of all, let’s leave the unit without any custom parts. Then press L3 buton to pop-up the menu.
As continue, match it with your liking as “Ground” ・ ・ ・ “Endurance” let’s say. It’s always good to be tough.
You can also see what it is equipped, which slots it is using, parameter changes before and after the auto -equip. Then, let’s do it!
Of course, you can also add and remove parts by yourself later too!
Preparing the parts in advance and then using the auto-equip feature is also, of course possible.
eg), if you want to add “Special Armor for Feet” by yourself, just add it by hand…, and then do auto-equip for “Endurance”!
Just like that, fill the empty slots of your units by using the auto-equip feature.
“I have several Custom Parts myself but, don’t know what to equip first…”
please also try out to build your own units to your own play style when you are accustomed to the game.
Of course, Veteran pilots have also their own preferences and favored custom parts but,
you can either try when obtaining a new unit or, for those who say
“ah, I didn’t equip any custom parts…! There is no time before the dispatch…! ”
auto-equip feature will save you in those times. Please try it!
Also, we have excluded auto-equip feature by some special cases that are written below
・ If MS is not equipped with no shield as sub-weapon ⇒ “Shield Reinforcement” will be excluded from auto-equip
・ If MS is not equipped with a weapon that has focus feature ⇒ “Focus Ring” will be excluded from auto-equip
・ If MS is not equipped with a Psycommu weapon ⇒ “Psycho Frame” will be excluded from auto-equip
・ IF MS has parameters passing over the upper limit ⇒ Auto-equip will aim for the next necessary stats.
・ If you have multiple LVs of non-overlapping parts with the same name ⇒ Do not equip different LVs of “leg special armor”, “back special armor”, etc.
■ Ranked Matches as well as, Rules “Brawl Match” re-adjustment
Regarding the end of the last years 4th Ranked Match, and it’s rules “Brawl Match”,
aimed at the problems that occurred previously, fixes have been made.
Details will be displayed by the information, but we’ll also talk a bit about the fixes here
First of all, about the Ranking System
By the ranked matches, there are two types, “Group Ranking” and “Overal Ranking”
■ Aiming for the top within 20 people “Group Ranking”
Not becoming the first among all of the attenders but,
being the first within “A Group of 20 People” who has close rank with each other.
Groups are decided depending on the players own rank / rating when they enter the ranked match.
Within that rank range A Group of up to 20 people will be formed.
Rank S- Joining one of the “S League” Groups
Rank A- ~ A + Joining one of the “A League” Groups
Rank B- ~ B + Joining one of the “B League” Groups
Rank C- ~ C + Joining one of the “C League” Groups
Rank D- ~ D + Joining one of the “D League” Groups
■ As even more challenging element “Total Ranking”
Different than the within group ranking, this choice is a general total ranking among all of the pilots
Since only handful of people can earn this ranking, regarding it’s rewards,
“it’s not luxurious rewards” but, “it’s rewards with privileges” such as ” Limited Emblems “ can be obtained.
Until now it was a rehearsal, but we’ll move into the fixed contents

<Fix ① Player’s League (DS) and the obtainable RP addition>
Since players from all rankings compete in “Total Ranking”,
Difficulty of the matches become harder since veterans from high ranks can also enter the battle.
Depending on that, we thought the obtained RP should also increase when competing against a pilot from high rank, and made adjustments.
Before the fix
・ RP gain depending on the battle results
  • eg of RP obtained)
  • Personal Score: 5000 = 250RP
  • Battle Result TOP: 5 = 600RP
  • Latest Ranking: 1st = 400RP
  • Total = 1250RP Obtained
After the fix
・ RP gain depending on the battle results
・ Furthermore, higher the placed league’s rank is, more RP can be obtainable! More RP obtainable by fighting against stronger enemies!
  • eg of RP gain through placement in “D” League)
  • Personal Score: 5000 = 250RP
  • Battle Results TOP: 5 = 600RP
  • Latest Ranking: 1st = 400RP
  • Placed League: D x1.0
  • Total = 1250RP Obtained
  • eg of RP gain through placement in “A” League)
  • Personal Score: 5000 = 250RP
  • Battle Results TOP: 5 = 600RP
  • Latest Ranking: 1st = 400RP
  • Placed League: A x1.5
  • Total = 1875RP Obtained

<Fix② RP Accumulation Period Change>
Until now the ranked match periods are made through several days,
daily RPs accumulated, total RP of that latest RP are used for rank-ups.
However, just by missing one day within the period makes it harder to reach the upper ranks,
comments and feedbacks have been increasing recently and we have made adjustments to make the game easy to play and made it accessible for all players.
Before the Fix
・ Within the event period, TOP 3 RP accumulated from daily battles, counted together as the latest RP
After the Fix
・ Accumulating the TOP 3 RP of the battles within the event period, using it as the latest RP. Made as, reachable within the period as long player performs well!

Fix ③ Rules “Brawl Match”: Improved Score Difference Compensation for Support Units
Since all of the attenders of the brawl match become enemies to each other,
For the Support Units, that are normally supporting their General or Raid Units within their team it’s turning out to be harder,
In order to improve this situation, when support units are being used Score obtained is now increased.
Before the fix
・ Depending on the difference by Score, supplemented Attack / Defense Power.
Before the Fix
・ Depending on the difference by Score, supplemented Attack / Defense Power.
・ Furthermore, if the category is “Support Unit”, bestowed additional buffs.
We’ll share additional information about the details by the launch of the update
■ Last but not least,
Next Update is scheduled to launch on [JST] 02/24/2022 14:00 .
Further, with the new adjustments that are described above 5th Ranking Matches will start sooner than you expected!
Details will be announced later, so be sure to check it by then!
Well then, let’s meet on the battlefield!
(Developer: Ishii)