Notice of Unintended Performance of Some armaments

■ [PST] 2/3/2022 21:00
■ [CET] 2/2/2022 06:00
We have confirmed that after launching the update file ver. 0150, which was distributed on 27th of January 2022 (Thursday), some of the weapons have unintended performance.
■ Confirmed Armaments
⇒ When focusing fire with the following armaments, the time until you can move after an attack was been increased.
・ L Beam Rifle [Enhanced Type] (GM Sniper II [White Dingo] dedicated firearms)
・ Hyper Mega Launcher (Rick Dijeh secondary armor)
・ Beam Bazooka (Psycho Zaku [TB] dedicated firearms)
・ Gelgoog GT Prototype Beam Rifle (Gelgoog Ground ) Type (VD) dedicated firearms)
⇒ When focusing fire with the following armaments, the rate of fire is reduced.
・ Gyunei’s Beam Assault Rifle [GN] (Jagd Doga (GG) dedicated firearms)
■ Fix
The weapons above have been corrected to their original state, before the update file ver. 0150 was applied in the application data update conducted at [JST] 14:00 on 3th of February 20222 (Thursday).
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.