Notice About Suspension of Some Accounts

■[PST] 1/26/2022 21:00
■[CET] 1/27/2021 06:00
As with the launch of Update File ver.0135 of 12/17/2020 「Report Function」 has been implemented.
Even though they have received 「Warning」 due to their repeated harassment, confirmed accounts which still continue to harass other players within the game have received ”Permanent Gameplay Suspension Measures” due to their actions.
Thanks to the cooperation of our pilots, we’ll continue to first send a [Warning] to any player who continuously disrupts other players’ experience, and then suspend them from GBO2 if they don’t improve with their behavior.
Please, keep that in mind.
Furthermore, if there are any false accusation and reports regarding behavior, the accuser may receive penalty so keep that in mind.