Limited Supply Drop Lineup Notice “The O”

■[PST] 1/12/2022 21:00
■[CET] 1/13/2022 06:00
  • Limited supply drop lineup!
  • Popular materials have a great boost from the supply drop during the campaign period!
  • ※The materials drawn will be the same as the current Supply Drop line up.
  • ※Only the target item will be boosted.
Beginning on [PST] 1/12/2022 21:00 / [CET] 1/13/2022 06:00, a part of MS drop-rate Boost campaign will begin.。
■Limited Supply Drop Period
[PST] 1/12/2022 21:00 ~ [PST] 1/19/2022 20:30 / [CET] 1/13/2022 06:00 ~ [CET] 1/20/2022 05:30 [Scheduled]
■Limited Supply Drop Contents
During the period, “Limited Supply Drop(Once/10 Times)” can be requested from the material counter.
Within the Limited Supply Drop, 「The O」’s drop rate has been increased greatly.
■Featured Material with a Big Boost to its Supply Drop Rate
Within the Limited Supply Drop, each LV of the chosen Unit, main weapons’ drop rate is affected .
◎Supply Drop Rate Increase①(Item Amount 1)
・★★★ The O LV1 (General Unit、Ground/Space Use、Cost: 650)
◎Supply Drop Rate Increase②(Item Amount 1)
・★★★ The O LV2 (General Unit、Ground/Space Use、Cost: 700)
◎Supply Drop Rate Increase③(Item Amount 2)
・★★ Beam Rifle for The O LV2
・★ Beam Sword for The O LV2
■Supply Drops that are affected by the drop rate increase
・Limited Supply Drop
  • ※Material Lineup that can be received from the Limited Supply Drop will be the same as the current Supply Drop lineup.
    Only the target items will be boosted.
  • ※Drop Rate increase of the Limited Supply Drop will affect the Unit of each LV and has a different affect on main weapon of the unit.
    e.g.)If whether Unit LV1~2 main weapon is affected by the drop rate increase
    ・Unit LV1’s Drop Rate increase 「3%」
    ・Unit LV2’s Drop Rate increase 「3%」
    ・Main Weapon Drop Rate Increase 「3%」
  • The increase in the Supply Drop Drop Rate will be adjusted by reducing the Supply Drop Rate of 「★」 Rarity.
  • ※Regarding the detailed Lineup of the Limited Supply Drop, please check 【Item List】.
  • ※The amount of token required to request Limited Supply Drop is the same as Normal Supply Drops. (Once – 3 Tokens/10 Times – 30 Tokens)
  • ※Keep in mind that the end time is scheduled.