[1 ★★★ Rarity or Higher MS Guaranteed and Free 10-Consecutive] Campaign

■[PST] 12/31/2021 21:00
■[CET] 1/1/2022 06:00
Happy New Year Everyone!
A new year’s present, with full of gratitude will be given by P.M.U. to all pilots!
1 ★★★ rarity or higher MS guaranteed Supply Drop (10 Times) are free obtainable present, so please be sure to receive it.
■Campaign Period
[PST] 12/31/2021 21:00/[CET] 1/1/2022 06:00 ~ [PST] 1/5/2021 20:30/[CET] 1/6/2022 05:30 [Scheduled]
■Campaign Contents
During the period, Supply Drop (10 Times) can be obtained once for free as a 「Special Supply Drop」.
Within the Special Supply Drop all the items will be MSas 1 ★★★ rarity or higher guaranteed MS
  • ※Supplies drawn in the Special Supply Drop include all MS that have been excluded from the Supply Drops in the past.
  • ※Regarding the Special Supply Drop Lineup, please check the 【Item List】.