GBO Winter Festival Campaign② [1st Boosted Supply Drop Event] Begin Notice

■[PDT] 7/12/2021 02:00
■[CET] 7/12/2021 10:00
Starting from 9th of December, GBO Winter Festival Campaign② [Unobtained MS] Boosted Supply Drop will begin
■Boosted Supply Drop Period
[PDT] 8/12/2021 22:00/[CET] 8/12/2021 06:00 ~ [PDT] 15/12/2021 21:30/[CET] 16/12/2021 05:30 [Scheduled]
Request 10 consecutive Supply Drops until the STEP4.
The STEP will progress by 1 each time you perform a request [STEP 1 → STEP 2 → STEP 3 → STEP 4]
When you reach STEP4、Boosted Supply Drop will be over.
・STEP1(30 Tokens): Get 2 ★★ MS
・STEP2(30 Tokens): x1.5 drop rate of ★★ or above materials!
・STEP3(30 Tokens): Get 2 ★★ or above MS that you don’t have !
・STEP4(20 Tokens): Get 1 ★★★ or above MS that you don”t have , furthermore Supply Drop materials will be all MS!
※Regarding [Unobtained MS], please confirm the points down below.
  • ※In STEP 3 and STEP 4, MS of the target rarity that the player doesn’t have, will be drawn.
    If you have all the MS, then the content will be random.
  • If a MS that has never been obtained is left unclaimed at the reward window, it will not be treated as [obtained]
    it might end up as the reward during the STEP3 and STEP4 so keep that in mind.
  • ※The same supplies will be drawn as in the on going Supply Drop.
    For details, please check 【Item List】