[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the update in late November

■2021/11/23 02:00 (PDT)
■2021/11/23 11:00 (CEST)
Greetings Pilots! This is Ishida from developer team.
Since the winter is coming, the mornings and evenings have become completely chilly, haven’t they? Please take care of yourself so you don’t catch a cold!
But I’m sure the pilots in GBO2 are really tough because you’ve been to the Arctic, tropical deserts, swimming underwater, and even drifted through space.
Let’s all do sit-ups. Let’s do squats too.
This month, we will continue to update you on events, new MS information, and other updates.
■The 4th Clan match begins!
It’s almost the end of the year 2021 but it’s not over yet!
The “4th Ranked Match” will be held soon!
In the past, Ranked Matches have been events in which players battle it out to the fullest, going beyond rating matches, but this time, in order to make it a fun and casual event that everyone can enjoy, all pilots will be your enemies!
We will be using the casual rules of the “Brawl Match” mode, which focuses on individual combat.
Also, this time, your rating will not change whether you win or lose!
It’s like a year-end party, let’s have all the fun we can!
■Ranked Match Period Schedule
■Ranked Match Entry Period
 2021/12/02(Thu.)14:00 ~ 2021/12/04(Sat.)23:59 (JST) [Scheduled]
■Ranked Match Period
 2021/12/04 (Sat.)10:00 ~ 2021/12/05 (Sun.)23:59(JST) [Scheduled]
Please note that the MS rewards this time will not be dedicated MS for Rank Match, but MS from past Clan Match rewards that pilots playing individually have not yet acquired.
※The details of “Cost”, “Map”, and “Reward” for this Ranked Match will be announced in a separate information.
■About Rank Match
It’s been a while since the last time we had a Ranked Match, and I’m sure there are a lot of pilots who haven’t experienced it yet.
I’ll explain how to play Ranked Match again.
※The details of “Cost”, “Map”, and “Reward” for this Ranked Match will be announced in a separate information.
■About Rank Match
This is a ranking event that will be held for a limited time in the “P.M.U.” to which mercenary pilots belong.Rankings will be announced based on the amount of Rank Point(RP)earned by sorties in Ranked Matches, and special rewards can be earned by placing high.
■Number of sorties allowed per day
The number of sorties in a Ranked Match is limited to 10 per day.
■RP that can be earned per day
The RP you can earn in a day will be for the top three battles earned that day.
The ranking takes the form of a ranking of the total RP during the event period.
■Ranking System
In Rank Match, there are two types of rankings: “Group Ranking” and “Overall Ranking”.
■Group Ranking” where you aim to be the top among 20 people
This is not a ranking where you aim to be number one out of tens of thousands of people,
but a group ranking where you aim to be number one in a “group of 20” made up of pilots with relatively close ratings.
20 people creates the possibility for many people to be number one, so go for it!
<How each group is sorted>
The group you join is determined by your rating when you enter the Ranked Match.
Among them, you will be assigned to groups of 20 in order of rating value.
Rating S-  :Join one of the groups in the S-League
Rating A- ~ A+  :Join one of the groups in the A-League
Rating B- ~ B+  :Join one of the groups in the B-League
Rating C- ~ C+  :Join one of the groups in the C-League
Rating D- ~ D+  :Join one of the groups in the D-League
The rewards for the top group rankings include Mobile Suits that can only be obtained at the event.
DP rewards can also be earned according to group rankings.。
Furthermore, so it is important to raise your rating rank on a daily basis so that you can participate in the higher leagues.
※The details of the reward will be announced in a separate information.
■”Comprehensive Ranking” as an even more challenging element
Unlike the group ranking, this is an overall ranking among all pilots.
Since this is a ranking that only a handful of people can win, the reward is not a luxurious reward,
but a “limited emblem” as an “honorable reward”.
※The details of the earned RP will be explained later in the information.
< What is limited emblem?
The elite pilot who holds the emblem will have bonus for the duration of the possession such as
・Increased probability of finding containers
・DP rewards bonus when win the matches
・EXP rewards bonus when win the matches
・CP rewards bonus when win the matches
These positive effects will be active for certain duration.
In addition, when a team wins, it can activate four positive effects on other pilots on the same team
Up to this point, it will be the same as the previous rank matches.
■[Change from the past] How to get “RP” in “Brawl Rank Match”.
In the “Brawl Match” rule, you can earn RP based on the following three results.
※The details of the earned RP will be explained later in the information.
  • ●RP Acquisition 1: “Personal Score”.
  • You will earn RP based on your personal score.
  • ●RP acquisition 2: “Top Results”.
  • You will earn RP based on the number of TOP ratings you receive, including TOP damage.
  • ●RP acquisition 3: “Final Ranking”
  • You will earn RP based on your “final rank” in that battle.
That’s it for the Ranked Match description.
■Adjustments in the rule “Brawl Match”!
Problem: The stress of being forced into a situation with many disadvantageous > MS categories.
The MS category in GBO 2 can advance the battle if they are well-matched, but if the battlefield is dominated by MS of unfavorable categories, they will continue to be at a disadvantage.
In Brawl Match, there is a ” modification that strengthens the aircraft’s performance the greater the score difference with the top,” but this is only a “reversal factor to make the game more exciting,” and it did not follow up on situations where there were many disadvantageous categories.
We’ve added a function that adjusts your attack/defense power according to the number of enemy MS in the MS category that your MS is weak against.
Below are the adjustment values based on the number of MS in your weak category.
adjustments your attack/defense power according to the number of enemy MS in the MS category that your MS is weak against.
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
0% 0% 0% +10% +15% +20% +25% +30% +35% +40% +45% +50%
Example: 12 players in a brawl match
Category Number of MS Number MS you are weak against
You Support 1 8
Other Players Raid 8 3
Genaral 3 1
極This is an extreme example, but to be honest, it’s a bit difficult to win with this.
With the addition of this correction, the following corrections will be made to alleviate disadvantages due to category.
■Adjustments apply
category Number of MS Number of MS you are weak against/td> Adjustments value
You Support 1 8 +35%
Other players Raid 8 3 +10%
General 3 1 0%
Along with the start of the Ranked Match entry, we will be adding a permanent Brawl Match with the same conditions to the Quick Match.
We’d love for you to play with us in the Brawl Matches that have been rebalanced for the real thing!
■New Mobile Suit “Gaz-L Grau” is scheduled to enter!
Thank you for your patience. We are now ready to introduce the new Mobile Suit.
From “Mobile Suit Moon Gundam” The new MS “Gaz-L Grau is scheduled to enter the game!
Ehh… so cool…
The missile pod that fits in the hollow of your left shoulder is too hot.
We’ve got a lot of MS from “Mobile Suit Moon Gundam” joining the fray! Ahead of the official release, we’ll be introducing its settings and performance.
<MS Introduction>
・From “Mobile Suit Moon Gundam”. Map: Ground and Space Cost: 550 raid type
・A modified version of the Gazuel, the MS for the SS “Royal Guard” developed by Neo Zeon.
The ornaments that were characteristic of the SS have been removed, and the colors and equipment have been changed to those for actual combat.
・It is equipped with a beam rifle and beam saber, which are standard weapons.
The beam saber can be used as a beam lance (secondary weapon), although the beam cannon function of the base machine has been abolished. The beam saber can be used as a beam lance (secondary weapon).
・Equipped with two types of missiles, one with a conventional warhead and the other with a fire-extinguishing effect, it can form a barrage at medium to close range, and can also engage in combat at close range using two types of combat armaments.
※The video is under development. It may differ from the actual behavior.
From 2021/11/25(Thu.) 14:00(JST) [scheduled It will be added to Catalina’s raffle ration starting tomorrow’s update. Please enjoy!
The update is scheduled to take place on 2021/11/25(Thu.) 14:00 PM (JST)
We’ll be announcing the details separately, but we’ll also be holding the “GBO Winter Festival” again this year, so please look forward to it!
Recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of new recruits and returning pilots. The entire development team is very happy to see you!
We will continue to update the game with not only events, but also improvements to existing features to make it easier for new and returning pilots to play!
See you on the battlefield!
(Ishi from developer team)