Boosted Supply Drop Campaign

■[PDT] 17/11/2021 22:00
■[CET] 18/11/2021 06:00
The Boosted Supply Drop will be starting from [PDT] 17/11/2021/[CET] 18/11/2021
■The Boosted Supply Drop Period
[PDT] 17/11/2021 22:00/[CET] 18/11/2021 06:00 ~ [PDT] 24/11/2021 21:59/[CET] 25/11/2021 05:59 [Scheduled]
■Featured Materials that will benefit from the Big Boost to Supply Drops
・★★ Jamru Fin LV1~2 (Support Unit, For Ground/Space Use, Cost: 500)
A Supply Drop which allows pilots to request 10 pull Supply Drops up to STEP 4. The STEP will progress by 1 each time you perform a request [STEP 1 → STEP 2 → STEP 3 → STEP 4].
There are no additional bonuses after Step 4.
・STEP1(15 Tokens) :Token 50% OFF!
・STEP2(30 Tokens):Chance for materials ★★ or higher x1.5!
・STEP3(30 Tokens):★★★ or higher MS guaranteed!
・STEP4(30 Tokens):★★★ or higher MS guaranteed & all drops will be MS!
  • ※The materials drawn will be the same as the current Supply Drop lineup.
    For more details, please check 【Item List】.