Notice about unexpected situation of "Normal Suit: N.Fairy"

■[PDT] 10/11/2021 22:00
■[CEST] 11/11/2021 07:00
We are currently confirming that when the “Normal Suit: N. Fairy” is equipped and unexpected situation in the game.
When a pilot is female with the “Normal Suit: N. Fairy” and getting into a specific map, the following unexpected situation will be caused:
  • ・Tropical Desert
  • ⇒ Movement speed is reduced, thrusters are no longer consumed, and landing on the ground is no longer detected.
  • ・Port base (water injection), City Ruins, Jungle, Military port
  • ⇒ Thrusters are consumed underwater, and there is a landing detection to the ground.
  • (We supposed that pilots won’t consume thrusters in the water and there should not have a landing detection to the ground.)
■Trouble shooting
To solve this unexpected situation, we will launch a update patch at [PDT]10/11/2021(Fri) 22:00 / [CEST]10/11/2021(Fri) 07:00.
We apologize to all pilot because of this issues and we appreciate all your patients.