Notice for finished clan mission can't be displayed normally

■[PDT] 06/10/2021(Wed) 22:00
■[CEST] 07/10/2021(Thur) 07:00
We have found a system error of finished clan mission cannot be displayed normally thought the maintenance and clan server, and we have fix the error as well.
■Details of the error
・The number of the finished clan mission supposed to be changed after any clan mission completed but it was changed in the maintenance and clan server.
The update of Update ver.0145 on [JST]30/09/2021(Thur) has fixed the error.
We apologize to all pilots and 3 tokens were given as compensation.
3 tokens
All pilots
■The way to get the compensation
All pilots will get 3 tokens once after login since [PDT] 06/10/2021(Wed) 22:00 / [CEST] 07/10/2021(Thur) 07:00.
  • ※The period of receiving the compensation will last to [PDT] 05/12/2021(Sun) 21:59 / [CEST] 06/12/2021(Mon) 06:59.
We apologize for all causing your inconvenience.