[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the update in late September

■ 202 1/09/28 18:00
■ Intro
Greeting pilots! This is Ishii from development team.
Summer is coming to an end and cool fresh autumn is coming.
In this comfortable season, looking at the rating battles every night, and as I play I think “Three … three battles to go!” and then … yup, the sky is no longer in dark.
■ “Spectator mode” for future event
“Spectator mode”, is for the host (the user who host the room) to watch the battle in custom match.
Spectator could choose “Player camera” and “Static camera” to watch in different view that you want.
“Spectator mode” In This Event Used Could Not Be Used In Normal Battle.
In Addition, “Spectator Mode” Will Only Available For The Game Mode “Basic” And “Ace Match”.
Let Ota, who created the “Player camera”, narrate!
Where did those come from !? Kyakubugar !! Canon and double beam shot …? What is going on …!
What was that !?
Oh you are here, Kanbe!
Of course you are in the FA Gundam …
Why you can hit me all the time? What is your secret?
Let check this with the Kanbe’s view.
I see, a nice start position. What a good position for support unit in Impact Site! What a pro-move!
(Keep quiet and let Funatani on raid unit pass in the sight…)
Also we may check the battle from the sky with the static point.
Which team is taking the lead, check all the situation just in a flash.
It seems Team A(Blue) have a little bit advantage, but Team B(Red) still have the chance to bring it back!
■New unit “Messala”!
Let we introduce the new unit will be added after the update.
New unit “Messala” from “Z Gundam”!
Finally, personally I have waited for all the way in GBO2! There is some details before release.
・From “Z Gundam”, for ground / space,  cost: 600, general unit
・The Messala is the first of five mobile weapons personally produced by the powerful Newtype Paptimus Scirocco on board the transport ship Jupitris.
・As the Messala was originally used to fly in the atmosphere of Jupiter, it is equipped with powerful thrusters to counter the planet’s high gravitational pull.
Messala is transformable combat MS base on this concept.
・Vulcan and grenade for close combat, also there is live ammunition, the guided missile with a level of guide-capability.
Powerful Mega Particle Canon for long range support fire, good result can be expected with the high variation equipment.
・Sub-weapon “Shoulder Mega Particle Canon x2” can be used in normal mode or focus fire mode.
You must not be moving to use the canon, and focus fire mode will cause blast when the beam hit any thing.
You may move during changing the focus shot.
※This video may not be representative of the actual product.
Cool MS!
I love this MS especially the big Vernier nozzle designed in triangle form.(I mean, boom!)
■New game mode layout in next update.
For Rating match / Quick match, it’s now showing the next game mode on schedule!
Maximum 8 battlefields can be checked in the screen!
“There’s a battlefield I want to play with a certain cost in the next half hour, let’s play some other modes now.”
You may plan your schedule when login GBO2 in the future!
(For me, it is more like “over-time working” until next morning.)
We have spoken a little on Dengeki online’s interview, we have made effort to the development by all precious opinion and hope you all can be enjoy.
Also the GBO2!
We will try our bet to create a enjoyable GBO2 environment for all pilots like “Adjust the ratio of game modes in the game so that the most popular cost range and maps are selected more often.”, etc.
■At last,
The update will be at [PDT]29/09/2021(Wed) 22:00 / [CEST]30/09/2021(Thur) 07:00.
Oops, almost forgot that…
New event “Let Rating match together!” will be held in mid-October! Also other new event are on work!
We will post more details in the future.
In this “Stay Home” situation, Let play as much as you want! Of course me too!
It seem Kanbe director and Fujiyama producer have some words for you all.
Development team: Ishii

Hi pilots, it’s been a while from the last time I have talk in the developer message! This is Kanbe, development director.
Here is a new about changing director for you all.
It has been 4 years from the first release and we always reinforcing and repositioning in our develop team.
I know this is not a big news but please let me share my feeling in this developer message as a member of development team.
Ota, the man appeared in 3rd anniversary streaming and contributor of this developer message, will be the new director of GBO2.
I have been the director since the previous one, GBO for two years and pass to the next director at that time, then 3 years in GBO2(may be 6 including developing) and now I am passing this position to next person.
In fact Ota had lead the team with the new policy / team for a while, like 3rd anniversary in Aug, the adjustment on Nu Gundam and Sazabi were mostly worked by the new develop team.
We can’t speak too much here but there are new units and elements created by the new team, keep your eyes on GBO2 and let see what’s coming in the future!
Well I will off from the development team, but I will meet you all in GBO2 as a pilot!
And now is Fujiyama’s turn.
Developing director・Kanbe

How do you all do?
This is Fujiyama producer and long time from last time.
Like Kanbe, here is a new about changing producer.
New producer will be Kasahara who had fight with us in the developing front line in these years.
Maybe you have seem him in some event, and he had worked on the 3rd anniversary in Aug like Ota.
Let’s take a look back. From the planning stage, Kanbe and I had many discussions about the project, and when we finally got to the point where we could start distributing it, the days of management through trial and error were over… this is my GBO life for all the way I had came.
I even thought that the MS update lineup will be weekly in that time lol.
It’s happy to meet you all in the fan meeting and tournament, of course there are lots of users that I haven’t met before but all comment from all pilots made a push for me all the way to here.
Thank you for all support to GBO2!
Like Kanbe, I will meet you all in GBO2!
That all I want to tell you all, maybe there will be some distance between me and develop team, I hope you all will enjoy GBO2 too in the future!
Producer / Fujiyama