[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the update in late August

■[PDT] 08/24/2021 02:00
 [CEST] 08/24/2021 11:00
Hello, pilots! I’m Ohta from the Development Team. With only a few days left in the 3 Year Anniversary celebration, I’d like to talk about the next big update! This month, we plan to continue with our weekly updates, including the addition of new Mobile Suits and improvements to previously implemented badge challenge. Let’s jump in!
■New MS “Jeda” joins the battle!
The 3 Year Anniversary celebrations are coming to a close, and we’re ready to take a breather… but GBO team will be introducing even more Mobile Suits! The new MS “Jeda” from “Mobile Suit Moon Gundam” will be joining the battle as COST 450 general unit! New MS Jeda is scheduled for release in September. Here’s a sneak peek at its performance.
<Unit description>
・The Earth Federation Forces commissioned Anaheim Electronics to develop this as one of the multiple mass production proposals for the Jegan.
・Although it does not have any outstanding features, it is equipped with a wide variety of weapons such as a beam rifle, head vulcan, arm grenades and has a stable succession capability due to its weapon group.
・For Ground and Space Use
※The video represents a work in progress. It may differ from the actual game behavior.
■Added penalties and follow-ups to the “Badge Challenge”
“Badge Challenge” was added in the last update, but the penalties and follow-ups were flawed when people quit in the middle of the challenge, so we will be revamping this feature.
<Add a penalty for those who leave during the course of the game>
・Badge challenges are not available for sortie if your sortie status is Penalty Lv1-Lv2, and we are adjusting this to improve gameplay.
(Before change)
・Badge challenges are not available for sortie if your sortie status is Penalty Lv1-Lv2.
(After change)
・Badge challenges are not available for sortie if your sortie status is Penalty Lv1-Lv2.
・If you leave the battlefield during a badge challenge, you will receive an abandon status.
<Follow up with players who have abandoned the game>
・Currently, if one of your team members leaves during a badge challenge, the challenge will still be recorded. Although it is possible to achieve good results in this situation, the results are often askew due to the lack of team members, so the following policy has been changed.
(Before change)
・If one or more players leaves the team, the challenge will still be recorded.
(After change)
・If one or more players on the allied team leaves the game, the result of the battle will not be recorded. (Treated as invalid)
■Revision to how damage to bases is scored
The “Score: Damage” in the results is a score evaluating the contribution from MS battles (damage inflicted on MS). However, until now, it also included “damage to base,” so it was not always correctly evaluated. In order to make this evaluation fair, the following changes have been made.
※This change will affect missions, battle result ratings, badge challenges, etc.
<Damage to base>
(Before change)
・Damage to base is recorded as damage in the results (battle record).
(After change)
・The damage to base is not accounted for in the results.
■New MAP “Military Port”
We will soon be adding a new MAP, “Military Port,” where the majority of the area will be under sea! The following is an introduction to this MAP with its features and strategy points.
<MAP feature ①:Underwater is an undulating reef area>
・The underwater terrain is rugged and rocky, with intricate territories that impedes visibility and MS progress. The depth of the water is deep, and it is too high to go above ground with just a small jump.
<MAP feature ②:Military ships can be used as scaffolding and be destroyed>
・Several military ships are anchored on the waters, and both MS and pilots can ride on the ships as footholds.
・However, the ship will be destroyed after taking a certain amount of damage. Pay attention to how the ship is hit!
<Strategy Point ①:Let’s figure out where the bases and relay points are!>
・The following diagram shows the specific locations of each base, relay point, and initial sortie position (team battle). Each base and relay point D are located on the ground, while relay points A, B and C are located underwater.
<Strategy Point ②:Let’s check the underwater suitability!>
・When the MS enters a water area (water contact/underwater), its various performances will change. In order to get around well in this MAP, let’s take a look at the water contact and “Environmental Appropriateness: Underwater”!
Check here for details.
・This MAP has a large water depth, so when you perform a jump with the maximum pooling time underwater, the jumping time will be extended. This makes it easier to access warships and the surface from the ocean floor. Don’t be afraid take advantage of it!
<Strategy Point ③:Use the terrain!>
・There are many rocky areas in the water that can be used as shields, and if you hide behind them, you can roam in relative safety. The depth of the water is grand, and with military ships on the water, you can use vertical movement to get to a convenient position, turning the battle in your favor. There are many ways to fight, so be sure to explore your own tactics!
That’s all for now about the new MAP. Please check it out soon!
■Closing words
The contents introduced are scheduled for release on Thursday, August 26, 2021 (JST), coming soon!!
Lastly… I know I’m getting a little ahead of myself, but did you all enjoy the month long campaigns for GBO2’s 3 Year Anniversary? Despite the ongoing period of staying at home, with the release of MS from the “Char’s Counterattack,” such as Nu Gundam and Sazabi, along with various events, we feel that this celebration was a vast success, both inside and outside of the game. All of us are filled with immense gratitude to all the players, thank you so much for playing with us!
We will continue to add new MS and features, as well as make improvements for better gameplay, so please continue to support GBO 2!
(Development Team: Ohta)