Application Data Update

■[PDT] 08/18/2021 22:00
 [CEST] 08/19/2021 07:00
■Supply Drop Lineup Update
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■3 Year Anniversary “4th Boosted Supply Drop”
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■Enhancement facilities campaign is underway!

As of Thursday, August 12, 2021 (JST), the basic success rate of the enhancement facilities will be 3x and the enhancement value obtained when acquiring a duplicate MS will be 3x. The “Enhancement facilities campaign” is still ongoing.

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■New materials for exchange have been added to the Recycle Counter
⇒ Information on some of the newly added materials:
  • ■New Units
  • ★★★Zeta Plus A1 LV1~2
  • ★★Gelgoog M (Commander Type) LV4
  • The materials mentioned above will be available at the Recycle Counter for two days from 08/19/2021 (THU) to 08/20/2021 (FRI)
■Materials for exchange have been added to the DP Exchange Counter
⇒ Information on some of the newly added materials:
  • ■Unit
  • ★★★Gundam Unit 4 LV3
  • ★★★Gundam Unit 5 LV3
  • ★★★Super Gundam LV1
⇒ In regards to the “Zeta Plus A1 LV1” that became available for exchange prior to the release of the “Commander” rank, the DP required for the exchange has been changed from 「500,000DP」 to 「155,000DP」.
※The above is the required DP under normal conditions.
Until Thursday, August 26, 2021 (JST), 13:59, the exchange cost will be 30% off due to the “3 Year Anniversary Sale”.
■Some materials have been excluded from the Supply Drop lineup.  ※Please click here for details.

■Weekly Weekend Battle Schedule
Weekend Battle Schedule  Special Rule
[PDT] 8/19/2021 (THU) 12:00 – 8/20/2021 (FRI) 11:59
[CEST] 8/19/2021 (THU) 21:00 – 8/20/2021 (FRI) 20 : 59
“Mix-up,” “Simple Battle”, “Shuffle Target” and “Brawl Match” will be held every two hours.
[PDT] 8/20/2021 (FRI) 12:00 – 8/21/2021 (SAT) 11:59
[CEST] 8/20/2021 (FRI) 21:00 – 8/21/2021 (SAT) 20 : 59
[PDT] 8/21/2021 (SAT) 12:00 – 8/22/2021 (SUN) 11:59
[CEST] 8/21/2021 (SAT) 21:00 – 8/22/2021 (SUN) 20 : 59
■Next Clan Match Schedule
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For an overview of the Clan Match, please click here.
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