Supply Drop Lineup Update Notice "Sazabi"

■[PDT] 08/04/2021 22:00
 [CEST] 08/05/2021 07:00
Supply Drop Lineup has been updated.
■Supply Drop Period
[PDT] Beginning on 08/04/2021 (WED) 22:00 [Scheduled]
[CEST] Beginning on 08/05/2021 (THU) 07:00 [Scheduled]
■New Content
■New Unit
・★★★★ Sazabi LV1 (General Unit, For Ground / Space Use, Cost: 700)
  • ※The above MS is eligible for the monthly MS bonus.
  • ※Click HERE for more information on monthly MS bonus.
  • ■Mobile Suit features:
  • ・General Unit, Cost: 700
  • ・A heavy MS developed by Anaheim Electronics for the new Neo Zeon general, Char Aznable
  • ・Even though its specialty is Newtype, it is equipped with a beam main weapon that can switch between scattered and focused fire, as well as two types of melee weapons, and funnels that can be used in different ways (pincer and follow up) depending on the battle situation
  • ・With its high level of performance and various weapons, it is a high performance MS that can produce top class results in the short-to-medium range
※This video may not be representative of the actual product.
■Exclusive Pilot item as a Bonus from the 10 Consecutive Supply Drops!
Beginning on [PDT] 08/04/2021 (WED), 22:00/ [CEST] 08/05/2021 (THU), 07:00, you will have the chance to get 1 random exclusive pilot item when you request the normal 10 consecutive supply drops.
■Supply Drop Period with Bonus Items
[PDT] 08/04/2021 (WED) 22:00 – 08/11/2021 (WED) 21:59 [Scheduled]
[CEST] 08/05/2021 (THU) 07:00 – 08/12/2021 (THU) 06:59 [Scheduled]
■Supply Drop with Bonus Items
Normal 10-consecutive Supply Drops
■Bonus Item (Get 1 of the following 2 items randomly)
  • ■Clothing
  • Normal Suit: Neo Zeon 12
  • ■Accessory
  • Helmet: Neo Zeon 12
  • ※Requesting the 10-Consecutive Supply Drops during the event period will grant you an 11th drop which will award 1 random bonus item.
  • ※Does NOT apply to the 1-Attempt Supply Drop. The bonus item will not be awarded even if you request the 1-Attempt Supply Drop ten times in a row.
■Some materials have been removed from the supply drop lineup.
 ※Click HERE for details.
  • ※For more information regarding the updated supply drop lineup, please refer to the Supply Drop List

■[Big Boost to Supply Drop Rates Campaign] Notice
Some of the newly added materials will have a boost to their supply drop rates for a limited time.
■Big Boost to Supply Drop Rates Period
[PDT] 08/04/2021 (WED) 22:00 – 08/11/2021 (WED) 21:59 [Scheduled]
[CEST] 08/05/2021 (THU) 07:00 – 08/12/2021 (THU) 06:59 [Scheduled]
■Featured Material with a Big Boost to its Supply Drop Rate
・★★★★ Sazabi LV1 (General Unit, For Ground / Space Use, Cost: 700)
■Supply Drop that will benefit from the Big Boost to Supply Drop Rates
・Normal Supply Drop
    • ※After the campaign, the supply drop rate will be the same as other materials.