Notice regarding the target values set for certain MS categories/costs in the Badge Challenge

■[PDT] 08/04/2021 22:00
 [CEST] 08/05/2021 07:00
In the “Badge Challenge” that was recently updated on Thursday, July 29, 2021 (JST), we have confirmed that certain MS categories and costs have different target values than they should have.
■Confirmed issue
In the “Assist Score” achievement target, the target value for the MS category “Support” and MS cost “600” was originally set to “1400,” but was incorrectly set to “1800.”
After the update on Thursday, August 5, 2021 (JST), the target value for the achievement goal “Assist Score” will be revised to “1400.” As a result of this adjustment, if you have achieved the original target of “1400” for assist score in the last 15 battles, the high difficulty target will be updated to the achieved status. If the conditions for earning badges have been met by the update, you will be able to earn badges by going into battle.
  • ※If the results of the last 15 battles are updated after going into battle, and you no longer meet the requirements for earning the badge, you will not earn the badge.
  • ※Even if you have skipped a grade in the process of earning a higher level badge, the badge will be upgraded one level at a time.
  • Ex: if you have already earned a Bronze Badge before the adjustment, and after the adjustment, you have achieved all the requirements to earn a Gold Badge at once, you will be upgraded to a Silver Badge on your first sortie, and to a Gold Badge on your second sortie.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our players.