Thank you Campaign ⑥ 3 Year Anniversary [1st] Limited time special missions

■ [PDT] 07/26/2021 07:00
 [CEST] 07/26/2021 16:00
From Thursday, July 29, 2021 (JST), the “1st limited-time special missions” campaign will be held in celebration of 3 Year Anniversary.
■ Campaign period
[PDT] 07/28/2021 (WED) 22:00 –08/11/2021 (TUE) 21:59 [Scheduled]
[CEST] 07/29/2021 (THU) 07:00 –08/12/2021 (WED) 06:59 [Scheduled]
■ Campaign details
During the campaign period, special limited time missions will be held. Complete limited-time special missions during the campaign period, and earn special rewards such as new MS “Nero”.
■ Items earned by completing the missions
■ Unit
★★ Nero LV1 (For Ground / Space Use, Cost: 450)
  • Mobile Suite features:
  • General Unit, Cost: 450
  • A mass-production MS designed by Anaheim Electronics for the Earth Federation Forces with its upper half being based on the codename Lambda Gundam, and its lower half based on the S Gundam, taking over the concept of GM.
  • Equipped with beam rifle and beam saber, and flash grenades as secondary weapons, it has a relatively simple configuration, making it easy to handle.
■ MS Enhancement Item
  • Mechanics Tickets [★★★★] x35 total
■ Pattern
  • Urban Camo HG
■ Marking
  • Torrington Base MS Company
■ Other rewards
  • DP 100,000 Total
  • Unlike the daily missions, you do not have to complete them all in one day. The achievements will be carried over to the next day.
  • You can check the details and achievement status of the missions from the HARO menu under “Missions”-> “Limited”.
  • The reward for completing the mission will be sent to the reward window.