3 Year Anniversary Box Vol.1 A Thank You Gift of "39 Tokens"

■[PDT]2021/07/26 23:00
[CEST]2021/07/27 08:00
Beginning on 2021/07/29(Thur), claim the 3 Year Anniversary box Vol.1 “39 (Thank You!) Tokens” as a present!
[PDT]2021/7/28 (Wed) 22:00 ~ 2021/08/05(Thur) 13:59 [Scheduled]
[CEST]2021/07/29 23:00 ~ 2021/08/05 22:59 [Scheduled]
When you login to GBO2 during the period, you will get 39 Tokens as a present. You can claim the reward at the Reward Center in the base camp.
■More tokens can be claimed depending on the number of your continuously login days
For the players who keep playing GBO2, the tokens you can claim are increased by the number of your continuously login days.
  • ・For more than 100 daysBRONZE container(15 Tokens)as a present!(Total 54 Tokens)
  • ・For more than 300 daysSILVER container(30 Tokens)as a present!(Total 69 Tokens)
  • ・For more than 600 daysGOLD container(45 Tokens)as a present!(Total 84 Tokens)
  • ※During [PDT]2021/7/28 (Wed) 22:00 14:00 ~ 2021/08/05(Thur) 13:59 [Scheduled]
    [CEST]2021/07/29 23:00 ~ 2021/08/05 22:59 [Scheduled],
    The first login during the period will also be counted to the login day for the bonus.
  • ※To the check the login day by “H.A.R.O. menu>database>play data>basic data”, you can see the total login days here.
  • ※The login day after receiving the reward, the total login days will be counted as “recent login days + 1 day”.
    For example, the total login days was 99 days, that will be 100 days when claiming reward because it is +1 automatically.
  • ※You can claim at the Reward center within 60 days.