COST700 Confirmed Supply drop① Boosted Supply drop Notice

■2021/06/24 14:00
Starting on 2021/06/24 (Thu) 14:00 [scheduled]. COST700 Confirmed Supply drop① Boosted Supply drop Notice
■Boosted Supply drop Period
2021/06/24 (Thu) 14:00 ~ 2021/07/29 13:59(Thur) [scheduled]
STEP1 → STEP2 → STEP3 → STEP4, every time you make a Supply Drop request, you will progress to the next Step. Once you reach STEP4, the Boosted Supply drop will be completed.
・STEP1(30 tokens):★★&★★★ 150% drop rate!
・STEP2(30 tokens):★★&★★★ 2x material drop rate
・STEP3(30 tokens):★★&★★★ 2x material drop rate! + One COST 700 guaranteed!
・STEP4(30 tokens):For the 11th supply drop, one COST700 Ex-S Gundam LV2 guaranteed
  • ※The materials available in the limited supply drop are the same as those in the Supply drop campaign. Click here for details.
  • ※Boosted Supply drop lineup will be updated by the following schedule:
  • ①:2021/07/01(Thu) 14:00 [scheduled]
    ②:2021/07/08(Thu) 14:00 [scheduled]
    ③:2021/07/15(Thu) 14:00 [scheduled]
    ④:2021/07/21(Wed) 14:00 [scheduled]
  • Please note: ALL requesting status of the Supply drop will be reset after updating.